Perils facing Myanmar migrant workers in Malaysia


Because of the poor conditions in Myanmar, many citizens have gone abroad in search of proper jobs. In this case, some have gone to developed western countries while others have had to make do working in regional countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Among those countries, Malaysia is chosen as an ideal place for many Myanmar migrant workers.

For many working abroad, segregation and bullying are some of the difficulties of their daily lives. After the sectarian riots occurred in Myanmar, nationals working in Islamic countries have suddenly become victims of violence and hatred. A few months later eight Myanmar nationals were killed in Indonesia, and in late May four Myanmar migrant workers were murdered in Malaysia. As a result, Myanmar’s foreign ministry made a diplomatic request asking the Malaysia government to protect Myanmar nationals in the country. However, we are hearing reports that the Malaysia government is arresting Myanmar nationals instead of investigating their murderers. 
These kinds of actions can ruin the relations between of the two ASEAN countries. Therefore, Myanmar government should resist requesting the Malaysia government to protect Myanmar citizens. The Daily Eleven encourages the government to allow the return of Myanmar migrant workers whose visas have been cancelled due to taxation or other problems and for businesses to open cheap airlines so that the workers can return home.

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