Burma Army making war on Kachin to protect “foreign” interests

The war on the Kachin Independence Organization / Kachin Independence Army (KIO/KIA) by the Burmese army is fundamentally a fratricide for the sake of protecting foreign business interests, according to a KIO high official who asked not to be named.

“The (hydropower) project was launched in the area under our control and when it was completed Gen Thein Sein, who was prime minister at that time, presided over at the opening ceremony,” he said. “The trouble began only when the Burma Army’s Mongmit operations command attacked us (on 9 June 2011).”


(Map: KNG)


Since then, “guest units” (those outside Kachin State) have been brought in to dislodge the KIA from the area. “The first requirement for a return to status quo therefore is to withdraw these guest units back to their home bases,” he said.

The Northern Region Command that oversees security in Kachin State has 46 infantry and light infantry battalions, according to the list compiled by Network for Democracy and Development (NDD). But there are now more than 130 battalions, according to reports from the border. Continue reading “Burma Army making war on Kachin to protect “foreign” interests”

Burma: Two Palaung villagers killed by Burmese soldiers led by Col. Tun Tun Nyi under Lashio-based North Eastern Regional Command

Burmese soldiers led by Col. Tun Tun Nyi under Lashio-based North Eastern Regional Command killed two Palaung men on March 12, Gawlai Hkam (age 41) and Aik Chaing @ Gaw Hkaw (age 45) of Mawlung village in Manton township were killed by Burmese soldiers patrolling the areas. A local resident told KLN that two Palaung men were killed while they were fishing in a small stream of water near Mawnoi village. “The soldiers didn’t ask any questions, they just shot both of them on sight,” said a local resident.

On March 8 and 9, the same units under Col. Tun Tun Nyi interrogated and tortured villagers in Manton Township even as Kachin and Burmese governments holding talks in Ruili, China.

A sizable number of Kachins lives in Manton Township and surrounding areas. Manton is also home to the KIA’s 4th Brigade’s 34th Battalion.

Though both sides have met for three days of talks on March 8 and said troops in conflict areas will be reduced, about 500 Burmese soldiers advanced towards KIA’s 5th Brigade’s territory last week.  Local frontline sources reported that Burmese Army again resorts to using artillery shells filled with chemical agents in a battle near Pang Hkawn Yang on March 12.

Skirmishes occur almost daily in Kachin and Northern Shan State as Burmese Army troops continue its military build-up in Kachin areas despite peace talks.

Kachin Land

Painful and Meaningful Reconciliation in Peace for Burma by Nai Banya Hongsar

By Nai Banya Hongsar, Mon Writer Club – Brave new Burma is under the effort of national reconciliation for peace and unity with the sincerity of political leaders among Burmese and Non Burmese elites that attract further investment and market economy in resource rich nations at one of the poorest country in Southeast Asia. It is a long road to peace and a painful journey for reconciliation. Mission is possible with sense of unity for diversity and unity for common purpose of serving the people for a better place to live and enjoy human’s experiences of enlightenment in the Buddhist dominated cultural rich land.

A peace deal signed by delegates of the government and New Mon State Party this week has indicated that both parties agreed ‘to continue talks on national reconciliation, based on political compromises with participation of representatives of domestic national political parties and democratic forces’.

Political compromise is the factor that will test this peace deal with other unprecedented issues on border trade, local economy and development, access to natural resources and rights to collect levy / fees from local farmers in border and regional areas by both parties. In fact, NMSP has duty of care to it’s over 7000 members for welfare and other healthcare like the government’s public servants. NMSP’s leaders put their faith to the hand of President Thein Sein and peace maker, Minister U Aung Min with sense of unity and reconciliation.

A well regarded Mon leaders, led by Nai Rot Sa, Deputy Chairman of NMSP and his well-informed delegates understood the risk but well calculated the risk factors due to time of circumstances.

According source from Moulmein, top official of the National League for Democracy wishes to urgently meet Nai Rot Sa, as he is regarded the most flexible and pragmatically approachable politician among non-Burmese ethnic leaders for further peace and national reconciliation. Nai Rot Sa built a united voice of 17 cease-fire forces from 1995-2005 during ten year of informal cease-fire deal with the previous military government for constitutional changes at the former National Convention.

Continue reading “Painful and Meaningful Reconciliation in Peace for Burma by Nai Banya Hongsar”

PaO joining the ceasefire bandwagon “because of the Lady”

MONDAY, 06 FEBRUARY 2012 15:48 S.H.A.N.
The PaO National Liberation Organization (PNLO) delegation that met U Aung Min, the presidential negotiator, yesterday on the border of Chiangmai, says democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi’s decision to work with the new government headed by U Thein Sein had led the way for the group to join the peace process.


Khun Thurein (Photo: SHAN)


“We had followed her when she was struggling against the regime’s predecessor,” said Khun Thurein, deputy leader of the PNLO delegation. “Now we fear if we continue to fight against Naypyitaw, it would be like opposing her.”

The PNLO was formed in 2007 after a faction of the PaO dominant Shan Nationalities Peoples Liberation Organization (SNPLO), a ceasefire group, had joined the PaO People’s Liberation Organization (PPLO), a non-ceasefire group, led by Hkun Okker. The SNPLO’s late leader Tarkeley had often referred to Aung San Suu Kyi as A-May (Mother). Continue reading “PaO joining the ceasefire bandwagon “because of the Lady””

Burma Army collects money from local people in Kachin State


According to reports coming from the border, Infantry Battalion 141 based in Sinbo Township, Kachin state collected money from resident gold-diggers earning a basic living and trucks carrying goods.

They were collecting from people in the villages of Talorkyi, Taparong, and upper Ngapyawtaw in Sinbo Township, a resident of Talorkyi village told S.H.A.N.

They summoned the gold-panners, motorboat and motorbike drivers to the 141st Battalion post and collected money, according to the sources.

“If we want to use machines to pan gold, we have to pay them 20,000 kyats per machine and 5,000 kyats per motorbike. Cars cannot be used there. As only boats are used, they collect 100,000 kyats for just small pieces of wood and bamboo carried by the boats,” he added.

As the Burma Army and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) continue fighting within that area, there are difficulties in transportation. Because of being unfairly collected by the Burma Army, they are facing extreme difficulty, according to the locals.

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AAPP Information Release 23.December 2011: Political Prisoners location of 918 confirmed and documented-list is now 1,572

Political prisoner  – location of 918 confirmed and documented

 The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), AAPP has been verifying the political prisoner database in attempts to publicly account for each individual who has been unjustly detained and arrested for exercising their fundamental freedoms. AAPP can now verify there are at least 1,572 individuals in Burma who have been arrested and sentenced on political grounds and are believed to currently be in prison.
There is an ongoing secondary verification process to confirm their current whereabouts, for example, whether they are in prison or have been released. The verification process is currently underway,