Retired Burmese Sen-Gen Than Shwe donates jewels to Buddha’s tooth relic

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Former Burmese junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe disappeared from public view after the opening of Parliament in March, but his name was mentioned in state-run newspapers on Thursday for the first time.

Than Shwe and his family on Wednesday evening went to the Maha Pathana Cave in Gaba Aye Hill in Rangoon, to pay homage to a tooth relic of the Buddha that is on display for public worship, according to reports in The New Light of Myanmar and The Mirror. The relic was sent to Burma from China for public display.

The retired general his wife, Kyaing Kyaing, and their family donated US $1,300 (about 1 million kyat), 11 rubies, Myeik pearl, and a golden ring [value 488,000 kyat], said reports on the newspapers’ inside pages.

The chairman of the now-defunct State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), Than Shwe dissolved the SPDC on March 30 2011, and transferred power to the civilian government led by President Thein Sein.

Donation or not you going to hell

2 Villagers Killed and 1 Rebel Wounded in Ambush After Kidnapping

November 23, 2011

The areas of northern Yebyu Township and southern Ye Township are home to several armed insurgent groups and are the areas of operation for at least four Burmese Army battalions, the Light Infantry Battalions’ (LIB) No.282, No.273, No.401, and Infantry Battalion (IB) No.31. This potent mix of hostile groups has led to frequent clashes between government troops and insurgent forces. For local residents, the security situation is perilous. Human rights abuses, such as arbitrary taxation, travel restrictions, forced labor, abduction, and extortion are being committed by both sides. All of this has strained the local economy, threatening the very livelihoods of the people in the region.

On 25th, September, 2011, four villagers were kidnapped by an unknown Mon rebel group and taken to Lort Taing village, where soldiers from columns No. 1 and 2 of the government LIB No.282 attacked in a surprise ambush. As a result of the sudden attack, two of the kidnapped villagers were killed, and one rebel and another villager were seriously wounded. Continue reading “2 Villagers Killed and 1 Rebel Wounded in Ambush After Kidnapping”

4 suspects connected to Golden Triangle Godfather Naw Kham have been handed over to Burmese authorities

6 October 2011
4 suspects connected to Golden Triangle Godfather Naw Kham have been handed over to Burmese authorities said a security source quoting a senior police officer. The 4 had been under Thai custody since 22 September, following a shootout on the Mekong. Burmese officials had reportedly threatened to close off the border. (SHAN)

Rare Demonstration March in Burma -video-dozens to mark saffron revolution

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About 400 security personnel disperse demonstrators in Rangoon

Monday, 26 September 2011 14:11 Mizzima News
Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – A joint force of about 400 riot personnel and police on Monday dispersed about 200 protestors who tried to march from Dagon Myothit (East) to Sule Pagoda to mark the fourth anniversary of Burma’s “Saffron Revolution.”
The group was walking to Sule Pagod to conduct prayers when they were stopped in front of the Meteorology and Hydrology office near the Sartite bus top in Mayangon Township and told to return home.Mayangon Township Police Chief Khin Maung Soe told them to disperse or they could be punished under existing laws, an organizer, Wai Lu, told Mizzima.“They said that section 354 of the 2008 Constitution that says every citizen can assemble peacefully has not been approved by the Parliament, so we could be arrested under existing laws that say an assembly of more than five people is against the law,” Wai Lu said.Because of the order to disperse, the protestors broke up around 1:45 p.m., Win Cho, one of the protestors, told Mizzima.“They ordered us to divide into small groups of three people each and disperse. Our group was big so we are started to divide into small groups. We will obey the law exactly,” Win Cho said. Continue reading “Rare Demonstration March in Burma -video-dozens to mark saffron revolution”


7 July 2011
Re: Report about the Shan State Army (SSA) South urging the embattled SSA North to abandon its besieged HQ base in Wanhai, Kehsi township, 5 July 2011, was turned down by SSA officials as “inaccurate”. SHAN says it is happy that field reports from the SSA North are still forthcoming despite the misunderstanding. (SHAN)


7 July 2011
From 2-5 July, a 200 men patrol made up of 3 infantry battalions: IB 64, LIB 513 and LIB 577 launched a search-and-destroy operation in Monghsu township. Abuses and loots reported by the local people:
□    K 2 million plus (not including donation box at Ta Hsarmpu temple)  □    32 bottles of cooking oil
□    2,240 liters of rice                                                                   □    22 bags of ajinomoto
□    75 chickens                                                                             □    More than 90 people detained
□    3 pigs                                                                                      □    Rapes in Mongkhang


7 July 2011
Despite the reduction in the number of checkpoints in Shan State North, it has become worse in Shan State South and East. Drivers coming from Loilem (Shan State South) to Tachilek (Shan State East), say they are paying more at each checkpoint:

  • Cargo 10 wheelers    K500,000 each
  • Passenger trucks-buses    K5,000-15,000 each

The bus fare is K40,000 ($50) each. President Thein Sein ought to do something about this soon, says one. One businessman in Rangoon however says all will have to wait until the new salary scales are announced. (SHAN)