Mutraw Statement Peace -Response letter KNU regarding bombing Suspect

Mutraw Statement on Peace Process 17 October 2013

The Karen National Union has rejected a news report suggesting that the man detained in connection with the recent bombings in Rangoon is a member of the armed ethnic rebel group

This was not a plan by our leadership – we will carry out investigations to find out whether our members were involved and take necessary actions if they were – we will not allow any harm to our peace process.”      

We categorically condemn all acts that attempt to disrupt the peace building efforts and reject all kinds of violence aimed at harming or threatening innocent civilians.”

Contrary to some recent suggestion in the media that the Karen National Liberation Army Brigade 5 is not supportive of the current ceasefire process, the KNU statement reiterated the KNU’s long-standing commitment to a “genuine peace that all the people of Burma have long desired.”

The KNU statement underlined the importance of unity and support for the central leadership of the KNU in its struggle to achieve a lasting peace in Burma.


Saw Myit Lwin, a suspect in the bombing of Traders Hotel in Yangon on Monday and the planting of an unexploded time bomb at Western Park Ruby Restaurant in Ahlon Township, has confessed his association with the Kayin National Union (KNU), the Myanmar Police Force says.

The police force is now investigating to confirm the suspect’s confession.

Saw Myint Lwin, 27, is a Kayin national and a Buddhist from Phapun Township, Mon State. He was arrested on his motorbike on Belin-Phapun Road on Tuesday.

“He [Saw Myit Lwin] has been in and out of the KNU, so we couldn’t say if he is a KNU solider.  At first he said he was just an office staffer for the KNU. But when we were questioning him, he admitted that he also worked as an interpreter for KNU business. These were his confessions,” said Police Lt-Col. Min Aung from the Myanmar Police Force’s security department.

When Eleven Media contacted KNU headquarters, a party official said that Saw Myint Lwin was not a KNU member.

“According to our investigation, he is not an ex-member of the KNU,” said KNU Joint-Secretary-1 Padothaw ThiBwe. “His present deeds show that he is not a KNU member. But since he is claiming to be a former KNU member, we are checking out his story. Up to now, our investigations show that he is not one of ours.”

Padothaw ThiBwe added that the bomb-hit areas were not freely and easily visited by KNU members.

“We have appreciated peace talks to help put the local peace process back on track. That’s why the people have warmly welcomed us. The peace talks and peace implementation are ongoing processes. We believe that there is no one in the KNU who would knowingly hinder the peace processes. Moreover, I assume that no KNU member could freely and easily reach the bomb hit areas in Yangon or the other few places. Each and every person in the KNU has to inform their superiors if they wish to go out.”

Lt-Col Min Aung rejected that argument.

“We know that the bombers are KNU members. But, they [KNU] may deny that, whether they committed the crimes or not. We have documents concerning their movements, such as their whereabouts and car licence plate number,” he said yesterday.

“Nay Toe, who serves as a lieutenant in the KNU, was involved in two bomb explosions as well as in planting unexploded bombs in Mandalay and Sagaing regions on Tuesday. But Nay Toe has yet to be arrested.”

Driver Zaw Latt Maung, a 42-year-old Buddhist, is suspected of providing assistance in the bomb blast and was arrested in Belin Township of Mon State on Wednesday evening.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, which is continuing to investigate a bomb blast in Taungoo, says that Saw Tun Tun is responsible for the bomb explosion at the Chan Myae guesthouse and an unexploded bomb found on a Zeyar Hein bus in Bago Region.

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