THAILAND :Medical disaster teams get ready for new rounds of violence

The Public Health Ministry has now adjusted its rescue plans so as to enable medical disaster teams to enter clash areas in 90 minutes.

The adjustment was reached at a meeting of the ministry’s Medical Disaster Prevention and Alleviation Operation Center chaired by the ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Narong Sahamethapat.

The meeting discussed how medical teams could access to clash areas and bring injured people out to the nearest hospitals.

The meeting was called to assess the latest figure of demonstrators and people injured from violence in the political turmoil last week as there is now concern about more violence from the renewed anti-government demonstrations.

The meeting was told that from November 30-December 6, a total of 289 people were injured. Among the injured, 25 were admitted to hospital, four in critical condition. Four people also died in the violence.

Dr Narong said that as the political tension has eased during December 4-5, the ministry therefore has to adjust its strategy to cope with the new round of tension.

Under the “Erawan 2” strategy, emergency doctors will be deployed near the demonstration sites, while other teams will be at the bases but are prepared to access the clash areas within 90 minutes.

Latest clash last night at Yaek Kok Wua intersection near the Democracy Monument left two injured from ping pong bomb explosion and knife assault.


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