About 6,000 refugees remain in Meikhtila shelters


About 6,000 refugees remain in Meikhtila shelters, according to sources.


The communal violence that broke out on March 20 in Meikhtila left about 10,000 people homeless. At the end of April, rehabilitation works has begun for the homeowners.

“The Red Cross is still providing 25,000 liters of drinking water. It is assisting in the basic needs for the victims at the shelters,” the district officer Nay Oo for Meikhtila Red Cross Association said.

“We have been living at the camp for over 40 days as our house was burnt down. We heard that a new housing will be built but nothing has come yet in reality. Whether it is a house or a hut, we don’t mind. We just want to live in our own place,” a victim who lives in the shelter said.

“We have made some arrangements for those whose houses were not burnt. We have relocated them to their homes. For those whose houses were burnt down in violence, we sent them to camps and shelters. The camps opened at schools have been now moved to government properties. Inngone camps will move to Wuntawpyi monastery. As the rainy season is on the way, there are not enough tents in the district. We are planning to build more tents. We, ‘88 generation Peace and Open Society, are also helping the victims,” Htain Min Khaing of the group said.

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