Displaced ethnic Rakhine are afraid of living in villages closed to the Bengalis villages



Rakhine displaced people are facing difficulties in coping with the distress and other needs in Sittwe and other places affected by the conflict.

The Rakhine State government has planned to build shelters for both Rakhine and Bengalis before the arrival of the monsoon season.

However, some displaced ethnic Rakhine are still worried about their safety. They are afraid of living in villages closed to the Bengalis villages. They are moving to places where government can give them enough security.

“We want to live away from Bengalis villages. We are afraid of them bullying us again,” a displaced person said.

According to an administrator from Minpyar Township, houses will be built before raining. The government helps them to return their own villages. And security forces are increased in villages located near Bengalis villages.

Tribes of Rakhine comes from Bangladesh have to live in monasteries in Rakhine State.

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