#THAILAND #Myanmar #migrant #workers #flee #crackdown


Hundreds of undocumented Myanmar migrant workers in nine townships of Tak province and Mae Sot are fleeing to Myawaddy of Myanmar after the Thai police launched a crackdown early this month. “Many workers are being arrested by the Thai police. I fled from the factory to Myawaddy when the police raided other factories. Our factory owner helped as flee,” said a worker. “The crackdown on Myanmar workers started on 1 Feb. So far, the Thai police have detained about 600 Myanmar migrant workers,” said Moe Gyo, general-secretary of Myanmar Migrant Worker Rights Network and chair of the Joint Action Committee for Burmese Affairs. Over 100 undocumented Myanmar migrant workers and three factory owners from Mae Sot were arrested. The police also arrested over 600 migrant workers and 15 factory owners on the first week of February, he added.ELEVEN MEDIA

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