#Eleven#Media #strongly #denounces giving the #right to #vote to the #temporary #citizenship #card (so called White Card) holders

Eleven Media Group strongly denounces giving the right to vote to the temporary citizenship card (so called White Card) holders.
1. The Eleven Media Group denounces Union Parliament’s approval for the right to vote by the White Card holders, which the president suggested to approve.
2. Giving the right to vote to the foreigners who are still under scrutiny for citizenship is tantamount to accepting them as citizens which might attract the illegal entering of foreigners from the borderline. In fact, the right to vote is the highest privilege of the citizens.
3. Giving the right to vote to non-citizens or non-ethnics could infringe the rights to create the own destiny of the country’s ethnics who have been living together within the country for thousands of years. Especially, voting by non-ethnics could encroach upon the rights to create the own destiny of the ethnics living in the Rakhine State, Kachin State or Shan State which many foreigners illegally enter via borders.
4. What is more, it might cause other communal conflicts in Rakhine State, Kachin State and Shan State.
5. The Eleven Media Group hereby suggests the Union Parliament to reconsider the issue which can threaten national sovereignty and the emergence of a genuine Union aspired by ethnic nationals.

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