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Who backed voting right for white card holders?
Shwe Maung already won the support of nearly million Bengalis including in Rakhine State spreading across Myanmar and he is a representative of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).
Sai Paungnap is a MP representing Wa Autonomous Region. The region houses to nearly 600,000 people, ninety percent of which don’t have national registration scrutiny cards. They don’t speak Myanmar language, but Chinese and spend Chinese currency. Similarly, Lower House MP Kyaw Ne Naing of Laukai Constituency in Kokant Autonomous Region is a MP representing the USDP. The Kokant is the same as the Wa.
The MPs who backed the remarks of the President discussed the voting rights to be granted to the white card holders in favour of the 2008 referendum, the 2010 general elections and the 2012 by-elections.

Public Complaint White Card Holder’s Right To Vote In Referendum 4:34 PM MMT, Thu February 5, 2015   10983131_1569078383338418_3533036192860711917_n Meanwhile in Yangon, a group of monks and lay persons gathered at a monastery in North Oakkalapa on Wednesday to demonstrate the parliament’s approval on 2nd February – giving the temporary citizenship white card holders the right to vote in the national referendum of the Bill Amending the State Constitution, 2008. After discussing for two hours, they decided to protest the approval by marching from Kyay Thon pagoda to the Yangon Parliament Building on 8th February and will demonstrate for 7 days. Deputy Chief Monk, Pandeiksar Yarma Monastery, Kuvera: We can’t accept the approval of the parliament to give the white card holders the right to vote– which is the future of our country. The future of a country can only be made by its citizens, not foreigners. We’ll demand the president to annul this approval through the parliament. They confirmed that this demonstration will only be happened under the law, saying that they are only opposing to the white card holders and will try to persuade other parts of the country to get involved. Member, Rakhine Youth Organization (Yangon), Nyi Nyi Maung: According to the subsection 4 of the section 1 of the constitution, the power of a country comes from its people, not from non-citizens. It’s sure that, because this was decided by the highest legislative body of our country – the Union Parliament, it will be difficult and take us for a period of time to achieve, I think. But we’ll, somehow, have to do this until we achieve what we want. Monks also claimed that they will try to transform this demonstration into a nationwide demonstration if the government didn’t respond them. Deputy Chief Monk, Pandeiksar Yarma Monastery, Kuvera: Giving non-citizens the right to vote in the nationwide referendum of the constitutional amendment bill is like giving them the rights to interfere in the referendum, which is the future of our country and generations. So we assume that all citizens should come participate in. I also want to encourage the parliament and the president to listen to the voices of the people. They said depending on the response of the government, they will decide whether they should march to Nay Pyi Taw. Credit :MITV