Rohingyas are originally from Bangladesh and it is the Bangladeshi Government that must take responsibility of them.

The Rohingya: a Sri Lankan perspective

I found the particular combination of ideas and arguments on display here, in an article about Burma by a Sri Lankan writer, Shenali Waduge, intriguing.

The fact it starts with the phrase ‘Colonial apologists’ didn’t bode well (not that I’d deny that the British seemed to mess things up quite often). This kind of discourse is not, in my experience, generally coupled with hostility towards the Rohingya, but according to Waduge they are essentially a ‘made up people’ – and Aung San Suu Kyi has also apparently cast doubt on their identity. Waduge also asserts that they were brought into Burma comparatively recently by the British (this is a very contentious statement) and she concludes that the UK should offer to take them in if it’s so concerned about them. The article goes on to state:

Not many people are actually aware that Rohingyas are originally from Bangladesh and it is the Bangladeshi Government that must take responsibility of them.

Bangladesh has of course shown little inclination to do so.

Waduge seems to accept unquestioningly the justice of this decision:

It was the British that brought Muslims as labor from India (Bangladesh) to Burma and it was on this ground that the Burmese deny citizenship to Rohingyas who cannot show ancestry before 1823 as there were no reference to Rohingyas in the census.

I’m not sure I’d easily be able to demonstrate that my ancestors lived in the UK before 1823.  Here’s an observation from the comments:

There are total BS lies spread by western media that Buddhists attack Muslims in Burma. This is similar to total BS lies about BBS attacking Muslims in SL!! These LIES are created by US-Wahab AXIS of evil.

US-Wahab axis of evil makes a change from US-Zionist axis of evil I suppose. Here is a reminder of one attack on Muslims in Sri Lanka.

 Hat Tip: Jamila Hanan




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