4 January (1948, 4:20 AM sharp),
Independence Day
, Independence from United Kingdom which hadcolonized Burma since 1885. The popular sentiment to part with the British was so strong at the timethat Burma opted not to join the British Commonwealth, unlike India or Pakistan.Three Flags:4 January 1948: By U Nu, the first Prime Minister of Burma under the provisions of the 1947Constitution of the Union of Burma; the independent flag has a red field with a blue rectanglein the left corner with 5 small stars surrounding one large star.3 February 1974: By Gen Ne win, dictator, the 1974 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of theUnion of Burma; the second flag has a red field with a blue rectangle in the left cornerbearing a cog wheel and a rice plant encircled by 14 stars.21 October 2010: By Gen Than Shwe, dictator-king, the military-sponsored 2008 Constitution of theRepublic of the Union of Myanmar (RUM); the third flag has horizontal stripes of yellow,green and red with a big white star in the middle.

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