Kachin Community from China solidarity protestJan 10, 2013-video

Jan 10, 2013 1:49pm
Today on 10 January 2013, the Kachin community from China coming to Laiza town, the China-Burma border in Kachin State where the KIO control area for supporting the Internally Displaced People in the camp. They are around 1500 people coming by 100 cars.





Kachin (called Jingpo in China) community in China held a protest march at Yinjiang city in China’s Yunnan province and visited fellow kinsmen in Laiza on Jan 10. About 1500 Kachin nationals from China showed their concern to fellow kinsmen who are under heavy bombardments by Burmese army.

About 100 cars traveled to Kachin administrative capital Laiza after holding a protest march in Yinjiang. The protesters say they held the protest because they heard about genocidal war in Burma side of the border against their kinsmen and Chinese government’s involvement in the war and repulsion of Kachin refugees against their own will to Burma side where fierce fighting is still raging.

Chinese authorities initially blocked delegates of Kachin community in China from entering Laiza. Protesters say they intended to give moral supports and help Kachin IDPs living in Laiza areas. Some protesters tried to cross the border from different locations as Chinese government soldiers stopped them at a check point just across Laiza’s entry gate. Kachin protesters in Chinese side supported Laiza residents by holding posters with words of encouragement.

Local sources say Chinese authorities finally allowed Kachin protesters to enter into Laiza city and meet their fellow kinsmen. But medical and other supports brought by Kachin community in China are still not allowed to bring into Laiza, said a local resident. About 2000 Laiza residents who were living under fear of Burmese army’s intrusion welcomed their fellow kinsmen from China.