PDRC enters reform phase: Launches “Robin Hood Rallies” to fundraise for farmers’ fight; Inaugurates Reform Roundtables this Saturday

Robin Hood Rallies

(6 Feb. 2014) PDRC spokesperson Akanat Promphan announced that the PDRC is launching a succession of “Robin Hood” rallies to directly fundraise for the farmers’ fight to get paid by Yingluck Shinawatra’s caretaker government. 

“The first Robin Hood rally will commence tomorrow at the center of Thailand’s business and financial district – Silom,” revealed Akanat. “Similar to the mythical yeoman – except for the robbing of course – we will be soliciting donations for the farmers and handing them all proceeds so they can continue their quest for compensation from Yingluck’s government as they see fit. The route details will be announced by Kamnan Suthep this evening.”

Akanat emphasized that the PDRC was neither interfering in the farmers’ movement nor raising funds in connection with the rice pledging scheme. “That would be an impossible feat given the massive amount of money that Yingluck and her government owes farmers. We are simply raising funds so farmers have the freedom to pursue their rice payment,” Akanat declared.

Reform Roundtables

The PDRC is also jumpstarting its “Restart Thailand” phase this Saturday by officially inaugurating the first in its series of “Reform Roundtables.”

“The series is called ‘uniting for reform’ (in Thai, “สานพลังสู่ปฏิรูป”) and is a roundtable forum to solicit input on reform guidelines from the public and professional groupings,” explained Akanat. “Spearheaded by the Thai Development Forum, the first roundtable this Saturday will focus on those working in medicine.”

Spokesperson Akanat will be the principal roundtable coordinator. The reform series will be held at the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC) and will likely be a daily event

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