Burma- Italy: ((The far-right group) Italian NGO to work only in KNU controlled areas in Karen State

this is a shame -I always support KNU and KNLA ,but……..

The far-right group so dear to Alemanno is busy alongside the militia army Karen: brandishing flags with the turtle and wearing camouflage littorie

(05 November 2012)

The first concerns the vice president of Casapound Italy, Andrea and Pietro Casasanta Antonini, chairman of the charity The salamander, the group of ‘Civil Protection’ Casa Pound.Antonini and Casasanta have in fact been indicted for aiding in July 2008 that Mario Santafede, one of the hundred most dangerous fugitives in Italy, linked to the Camorra, a fugitive since 2004 and sentenced to 12 years for international drug trafficking.Santafede was presented at the counters of the twentieth Municipality of Rome to have an identity card having as its guarantors Antonini and Casasanta.Of the town hall, among other things, Antonini was and is an advisor.”We are the injured party and the victims of a scam,” he defends Antonini, who warned journalists “dall’accostare improperly” his name and that of Casapound to each other.It is certain that for years has Santafede contacts with the far right Roman and late 70s was sentenced to eight years for drug trial in the Banda Magliana along with former members of Nar as a Christian Fioravanti, Massimo Carminati or Maurice Lattarulo in recent months risen to the headlines for his consultancy with the Capitol.But there is another question that these days involves Casapound and in particular its alleged humanitarian arm, that is precisely the non-profit organization The salamander.Among the various activities of the association, there emerged a need for the people in Myanmar Karen, an ethnic minority in 1948 the armed struggle for independence.A battle, that the KNLA (Karen Nation Liberation Army), which has long seen “aid” foreign, often not disinterested as the area is the center of production of amphetamines and heroin trafficking.In recent years, the extreme right has made fighting the Karen flag and also a Casapound has espoused the cause with fundraising, all in collaboration with the non-profit organization Peoples, founded by Franco Nerozzi Verona.In a few years this ‘community solidarist’ as they call themselves, has established a field hospital in a Karen village and distributes medicines to the population.Activities absolutely meritorious, if the prosecutor of Verona had not discovered philanthropy was not limited to the scope.According to the findings procedural Burma has in fact been the training ground for a group of volunteers recruited from the same Nerozzi to carry out a coup in the Comoros Islands, near Madagascar.In computer Nerozzi pm found the photo showing him with some fellow adventurers in addition to machine guns, grenades, mortars, bombs and thanks to wiretaps became the idea that missions Peoples were a cover for a field of ‘training.Nerozzi, arrested on charges of international terrorism, has always proclaimed victim of a misunderstanding but in the end he bargained a sentence of one year and ten months.Then, just finished serving his sentence, took over the business in Burma.For some years now, as I said, even with the support of Casapound.

2008 to present – as the ‘Espresso’ has reconstructed – are at least four missions carried out by Casapound in Burma between the Karen guerrillas.

On a couple of occasions was also part of the delegation Alberto Palladino said Zippo, a leader of the movement involved in clashes in Piazza Navona, arrested in late 2011 for an attack to militants of the Democratic Party just returned from Burma and sentenced to two years and eight months.

Dates back to 2010, the participation of Gianluca Iannone, President of Casapound that entered illegally into Burma from Thailand along with several comrades, for a week turned to the Karen villages along with Nerozzi, Colonel Nerdah Mya and her Black Special Forces .




Italian NGO to work only in KNU controlled areas in Karen State

The spokesperson of an Italian non-government organization, Popolis, which has been working in Karen State since 2001, said it would only operate in areas under the control of the Karen National Union. In a statement to Karen News 

Popili’s spokesperson (who requested that their name not be used) said


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