Burma Hope and America Wills in the 21st Century People Liberation By. Nai Banya Hongsar

Perspective: Political of diplomacy has been shaped in my country or origin, Union of Myanmar this week, as approaching to the end of 2011, a year of aspiration and hope for local farmers and other ordinary citizens across the poor nation of isolation in the last sixty years. American diplomacy of ‘carrot and stick’ has played within its own national and regional interest with its assertion to the leadership of ‘Asia Pacific Regions’ by recently echo of President Barack Obama in Australia in early November. It is astonishing event to be watched that the most beautiful two ladies smile and share moment of joyful with white dress on top while a few men are watching behind the hotel door. Business of diplomacy is under the hand of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Burma’s hope for new century. This is my own assertion and hope for a real and genuine of diplomacy for freedom of people, the American dream in 19th century and beyond in the whole world.

After forty years of isolated diplomacy with the US and the western nations, Burma has been brought back to the world media on its own making story of this visit. It allowed the world not to hear from the second hand source but the first sight of local issues, the people of poor nations but a beautiful heart of its human kinds. Our fifty plus millions of population deserves this moment of change only when the world leaders, like under the leadership of President Barack Obama and the smart move of his popular State Secretary that landed in our country.

It is the best hope that ‘flickers of progress’ that laid down by President Thein Sein to the nation is remarked by the word of US President is sixty years of diplomacy. Our nation is unique in cultural pluralism, diverse of ethnic people with rich history and languages that shape our own present and future.

A change within is a real change that the mindset of our own leaders and political players in our country shall never shy away on real matter of ‘unity in diversity’ for peace and national pride. It is a moral duty of our leaders and our new generation that we live in peace with unity for dignity of our own time.  Mrs Clinton stamped out her smart diplomacy gambit that ‘sanction will be reviewed’ only if ‘policy of change is in action’ that clearly spell out in her words.

It is not all, but at least that US needs Burma for further strategic position of ‘Asia Pacific Leadership’ that sustains the US greater political interest in the 21st century. Likewise, Burma, a small country with lack of human capital needs US’s hand for developing its own new education, technological capacity and other economy development including financial strength within its own resources.

It is a win-win game both for US and Burma, especially for President Thein Sein and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for their legitimacy and role as leaders within their own forces. However, US and Government of Union of Myanmar including Daw Suu Kyi, as a prominent figure of non-violence mean for a democratic change has to take further action on unconditional peace agreement with government and all ethnic armed forces / groups within 100 days or not later than 300 days if Burma is serious for a real peace and constitutional changes in post 2015 election.

Burma by 2020 will be place prosperity and a country of liberation only if our own national leaders put the nation and people ahead of their own political power and self-served interest in politics. It is a moment of joyful the US’s the most powerful country on earth saved us, a people of poor nation within our own past mistake in all historical accounts that a mistrust among us, as a citizen of the country damaged our best hope for half of the century.

In Mon State, a strong local government shall be elected within the best interest local population that serve for good governance and strong local leadership for local affairs on education, development and local economy. It is a matter of all Mon people in Mon State that what hold them in the next ten years is upon the best leadership of Mon people at large.

Liberation of freedom from fear is a moment that people of Burma enjoy in 2011. This moment of joyful shall be sustained within the people. The truth is that a US leadership may save President Thein Sein and Daw Suu Kyi for a win-win diplomacy but local farmers and labours shall be granted from freedom of fear to work in local farms. Overall, money is a matter of each household that local workers shall be given jobs and raise income for family. The test is what change brings to family household and living condition is a question to be asked after the tour of the US top diplomat in sixty years.

It is time that our leaders and people from the whole nation write a letter to the President that we urge for unconditional peace, freedom for political movement and re-write the constitution that purely ruled by the non-military candidates. In fact, women and young people shall be encouraged to run for vote in the new election.  Flicker of progress is not achieved unless the foundation of the nation, the constitution itself is changed for better nation and good government.

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