Burma Hope and America Wills in the 21st Century People Liberation By. Nai Banya Hongsar

Perspective: Political of diplomacy has been shaped in my country or origin, Union of Myanmar this week, as approaching to the end of 2011, a year of aspiration and hope for local farmers and other ordinary citizens across the poor nation of isolation in the last sixty years. American diplomacy of ‘carrot and stick’ has played within its own national and regional interest with its assertion to the leadership of ‘Asia Pacific Regions’ by recently echo of President Barack Obama in Australia in early November. It is astonishing event to be watched that the most beautiful two ladies smile and share moment of joyful with white dress on top while a few men are watching behind the hotel door. Business of diplomacy is under the hand of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Burma’s hope for new century. This is my own assertion and hope for a real and genuine of diplomacy for freedom of people, the American dream in 19th century and beyond in the whole world. Continue reading “Burma Hope and America Wills in the 21st Century People Liberation By. Nai Banya Hongsar”

Shwe Gas-Oil pays compensation

Probably in response to scathing criticisms form its opponents, government authorities have started paying compensations to villagers in Shan State on whose land the pipelines will be passing through, according to sources from Namkham, the Shan State’s northernmost township.

Some 86 households in 9 villages have already received payments for the loss of their land and livelihood:

Wiang Kang       4 households
Man Mai            3 households
Namma             12 households
Hopoong            20 households
Loikang             2 households
Nawngtern         5 households
Nawng Ma         3 households
Nawng Kham     29 households
Namkham         8 households

Payments are being made in 3 categories: “Close to the town, some distance from the town and far from the town,” according to a recipient: Continue reading “Shwe Gas-Oil pays compensation”

Burmese Army soldiers burned down houses and killed a villager

Magway-based 88th LID

The incidence of grave human rights violations has increased dramatically in Kachinland as Burmese Army steps up its military offenses against Kachin Independent Army. Burmese Army soldiers being transported from lower Burma and other states have especially committed various crimes against local residents as they have no sympathy for sufferings of local indigenous people, said local sources.

The government soldiers under 88th LID arrested and killed Aik Jung, an 18 year old Shan national; who was tending cows in pasture at the foot of Ting-rawng hill near Lamai Bang village on December 5, 2011 at around 10 am. Aik Jung was killed without any substantial reason.

On December 6, Burmese Army soldiers under magway-based 88th LID, 317th LIR, 415th LIR entered Mungloi village on Bamaw-Loije road and burned down at least two houses at around 10 am local time. Mungloi villagers have already fled from their homes since they heard the news of Burmese soldiers coming toward their village.

The Burmese military has been burning down villages in order to deprive civilian support to the KIA soldiers. Local residents were often subjected to arbitrary arrest and intimidation by Burmese Army soldiers. The government soldiers have been violently raping local women.  Civilian casualties and sufferings are intensifying and escalating in number daily as heavy artilleries are fired indiscriminately over civilian areas. Over 30,000 refugees have fled from their homes and are currently living in perilous conditions without adequate food, clothing, and shelter. No official aids from the United Nations and other International Aid Agencies are accessible in the areas where these refugees live.


WAR: Over 60 Burmese soldiers killed by the KIA during defense of Gauri Krung-Maru Ying Sung

Officials from the Kachin Independence Army claim that on Wednesday their forces killed more than 60 government soldiers attempting an offensive in Gauri Krung-Maru Ying Sung in Manmaw (Bhamo) District.
According to the KIA the heavy losses were inflicted by a combined force from the KIA’s Battalion No. 15 and their allies from the People’s Army, a sister force of the KIA.

While most of the estimated original group of 100 Burmese soldiers were either killed or had fled, the Kachin forces believe they have now encircled the remaining 30 troops , a People’s Army officer told the Kachin News Group (KNG) late Wednesday night.

A KIA officer on the scene said that Kachin resistance force’s casualties were minimal.

Two days ago, the Burmese army overran the Loi Ying, headquarters of the KIA’s Battalion 15.  In June the Burmese army launched its offensive ostensibly to provide security for the Taping (Dapein) hydroelectric dam located near Loi Ying.

A KIA official named Zau Seng told KNG that the Burmese army recently sent more than 1,000 troops to capture territory belonging to the KIA’s Battalion 15, in an attempt to cut off the KIA’s Laiza headquarters from its 3rd Brigade based in Mai Ja Yang and 4th Brigade based in northern Shan State.

He dismissed the Burmese army’s claim that it launched an offensive in the area to protect the Chinese-run Dapein dam, as it was built in KIO territory with the group’s cooperation.

Fighting between the Kachin resistance and the Burmese army is currently taking place in the townships of Waingmaw, Hpakant, Myitkyina and Danai.

This story was compiled by our correspondent in Laiza, the headquarters of KIA in eastern Kachin State.


Obituary of Ba Ba U Lwin, then Secretary of NLD–Condolence

Name:    U Lwin ( Col Maung Lwin – Retired)

Constituency:     Thongwa ( 1 )

( Eligible Voters – 39,029 ; Votes Cast – 31,415 ;

Valid Votes – 26,704 ; Number of Candidates – 4 )

Date of Birth:      22 September 1924

Father:      U Ba Tha

U Lwin is Secretary of the NLD and is a former party Treasurer. He was among the NLD representatives who boycotted the National Convention in December 1995 and is a former BSPP Deputy Prime Minister and member of the BSPP State Council.

He completed high school in Rangoon before World War II and served in the Burma Independence Army (BIA) , Burma Defence Army (BDA)  and with the Patriotic Burmese Force (PBF) from 1942-1945.  He completed BDA officer training at the Japanese Royal Military Academy and from 1952-1954 studied at the British Royal Military Academy. He was also the Military Attaché to the USA.  U Lwin was put under de facto house arrest on 22 September 2000 and released on 1 December 2000.[ Member of CRPP , Chairperson of Committee for Health and Social Affairs ] U Lwin was received 18,189 valid votes or 68 % in 1990 elections. Continue reading “Obituary of Ba Ba U Lwin, then Secretary of NLD–Condolence”