News Update GoldenTriangle-Mekong killing

12 November 2011
Sunai chulaphongsathorn, Chairman of House Foreign Relations Committee, says he has invited Mr Guan Mu, Chinese ambassador, to lunch on 16 November at The Emerald Hotel. On the next day, he will submit the killing of 13 Chinese crewmen as a topic to be discussed in the ongoing session of the House of Representatives. (Matichon)


14 November 2011
Naw Kham, “Golden Triangle Godfather”, has denied involvement in the killing of 13 Chinese crewmen on 5 October, according to a source who is close to him living in Thailand. He also claims to have no information on who the culprits are. Naw Kham however refuses to elaborate on his statements. The report came on Saturday, 12 November. (SHAN)



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