Yellow rain again in Burma’s Myitkyina


yellow rain twiceOn Nov.26, a yellow spot was remained on a tree leaf in KBC compound in South Shanzu quarter in Myitkyina.

Yellow rain continues to besiege Myitkyina, the capital of Burma’s northern Kachin State. It fell again on November 26 in a paste like form, said eye witnesses.

Eyewitnesses told Kachin News Group on Monday that many yellow spots were seen early in the morning at the entrance to doors and open spaces of the Kachin Baptist Convention office and Gies Memorial Town Baptist Church in South Shanzu Quarter in Myitkyina. The unusual rain left yellow stains on tree leaves in the Kachin Baptist Convention office compound.

The yellow rain has given rise to fear among residents downtown because it could be a fallout of the chemical or poison gas being used by the Burmese Army against the Kachin Independence Army, said residents.

So far, the Burmese government has remained silent on the yellow rain though people are increasingly concerned about the effects of this unidentified yellow rain, according to residents.

Similar rain was witnessed in Mai Ja Yang town under the control of the Kachin Independence Organization in Manmaw (Bhamo) district for four successive days from November 20 to 23.

Ever since the KIO authorities have banned people from drinking water from some reservoirs and eating vegetables from the town, said residents.

The scientific data on the cause of the yellow rain and its effect have not been identified yet by the KIO, said KIO authorities in Mai Ja Yang.

A KIA weapon’s experts said the yellow rain is a fallout of the use of chemical weapons by the Burmese Army in the current offensive against Kachin Independence Army in eastern Kachin State.

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Open Letter to Mrs. Clinton, US Secretary of State by SAO NOAN OO(Shan)

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

On behalf of the Shan People I wish you success in your forthcoming visit to Burma, and at the same time may I present to you the voice of the Shan people: Like all other ethnic Nationalities the Shan do not want war and they do not want to fight the dictatorial armies. They want genuine peace. But to them, genuine peace is achievable only if and when the dictatorial armed forces are withdrawn from all the ethnic states. As long as the dictatorial armed forces occupy their homelands the people will continue to suffer. There is no sign of the situation ever improving. The ethnic citizens have been living in fear and terror for more than half a century. No human beings should have the right to treat other human beings this way; in fact the regimes have no legal right to forcibly occupy the Shan State as the Shan State is a separate country in its own right. The regimes have abrogated the Panglong Agreement, so the legal tie between the Shan State and the Union of Burma has been broken. Even if the Panglong Agreement still exists between the two, the Shan State had the right to secede after ten years, that was in 1958. Continue reading “Open Letter to Mrs. Clinton, US Secretary of State by SAO NOAN OO(Shan)”

NCGUB 1990-2011 RIP

Many dissident organizations in foreign countries are reassessing their strategies and redefining their missions.(some have to find real jobs now)

Yes,cause Funding can go direct to NLD or BAYDA Institute.-Education Network

Among the organizations are the NLD – Liberated Area; the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB); Members of Parliament Union – Burma (MPU) and the National Council of the Union of Burma.

The NCGUB includes five former MPs from the1990 general election and is led by Dr. Sein Win, the prime minister of the Burmese government in exile, who is Aung San Suu Kyi’s cousin. After a meeting last week, the NCGUB decided that the word “Government” in its name is no longer appropriate.

Dr. Tint Swe, the information minister of the Burmese government in exile, told Mizzima, “If Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD legally enter parliamentary politics, ‘NCGUB’, the name of our organization, will not be appropriate anymore.”

However, he said he still had reservations about the current government because a military government ruled Burma for so many years. The group would continue to fight for human rights, peace in ethnic areas and work for the freedom of political prisoners, he said. Continue reading “NCGUB 1990-2011 RIP”

KIA Battalion 27 overrun by Burmese Army


The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) headquarters of Battalion 27 in southeast Kachin State in Northern Burma was overrun by the Burmese Army and is under its control as of Monday afternoon, said KIA officers on the frontline.
This is the first battalion under the 3rd Brigade, which has fallen to government troops, in the ongoing civil war between the two sides over the past six months.

The battalion officers told Kachin News Group that the battalion headquarters was deserted by KIA troops because they failed to resist the strong military offensive launched by the Burmese troops.

The battalion headquarters is situated in Balawng Dingsa, around five miles north of Manwin town in Manmaw (Bhamo) district.

From early November, President Thein Sein’s government has deployed several hundred troops from the two army divisions— Meiktila-based Light Infantry Division No. 99 and Bago-based LID No. 77. And hundreds more from Kyaukme-based Military Operation Command-1 under the Lashio-based Northeast Regional Command, to Manwin and Nam Hkam towns which are close to KIA’s Battalion No. 1 and No. 27.

The Burmese Army is launching a strong military offensive against KIA in those areas to wrest back control of the Muse-Nam Hkam-Manmaw Road, which connects Kachin State and Shan State from the KIA.