NLD to register as Burmese political party on Friday

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Burma’s main opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), will go to Naypyitaw to register the NLD as a political party on Friday.

The move lays the groundwork for the NLD to select candidates to run in the upcoming by-election, which has 48 open seats.

Party leader Nyan Win told Mizzima that Suu Kyi will contest in a constituency in the by-election, but the constituency has not been identified. He said the by-elections would probably be held in January 2012.

Nyan Win said that qualified, experienced older members, women, young members and ethnic members would be given priority to be chosen as NLD candidates.

According to the party registration law, a party needs to submit a list of at least 15 people who want to organize a political party. The names will include NLD General-Secretary Aung San Suu Kyi, Vice Chairman Tin Oo, central executive committee member Win Tin, and women and ethnic members.

Meanwhile, presidential advisor Dr. Nay Zin Latt has said that he believes the Union Election Commission (UEC) has not fixed a date for by-elections because it’s waiting for the NLD to register. He said that after the UEC approves the NLD as a party, it needs to give parties 60 days to prepare for by-elections.
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2 Villagers Killed and 1 Rebel Wounded in Ambush After Kidnapping

November 23, 2011

The areas of northern Yebyu Township and southern Ye Township are home to several armed insurgent groups and are the areas of operation for at least four Burmese Army battalions, the Light Infantry Battalions’ (LIB) No.282, No.273, No.401, and Infantry Battalion (IB) No.31. This potent mix of hostile groups has led to frequent clashes between government troops and insurgent forces. For local residents, the security situation is perilous. Human rights abuses, such as arbitrary taxation, travel restrictions, forced labor, abduction, and extortion are being committed by both sides. All of this has strained the local economy, threatening the very livelihoods of the people in the region.

On 25th, September, 2011, four villagers were kidnapped by an unknown Mon rebel group and taken to Lort Taing village, where soldiers from columns No. 1 and 2 of the government LIB No.282 attacked in a surprise ambush. As a result of the sudden attack, two of the kidnapped villagers were killed, and one rebel and another villager were seriously wounded. Continue reading “2 Villagers Killed and 1 Rebel Wounded in Ambush After Kidnapping”

Mae Tao Clinic Founder Dr Cynthia wins the Freedom to Create Leadership Award


18.November 2011   Today we are very excited to announce that Dr Cynthia has won the Freedom to Create Leadership Award for Women! This award celebrates female change-makers who have identified and implemented a creative way to address a social issue, demonstrating courage, creativity and transformational change for her community. Dr Cynthia is in Cape Town, South Africa this week to recieve the award. To find out more about Freedom to Create, visit their website

2011 Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artist Prize winner Win Maw -video

On 26 November 2011, the Free Burma VJ campaign organised a concert at the North Gate Jazz club in Chiang Mai to mark the four year anniversary of Win Maw’s arrest.

Nine bands comprising forty musicians performed for four hours and urged the release of Win Maw, a DVB journalist and a prominent singer and songwriter, who is serving 17 years in jail.

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Shan State Army (SSA) North issues statement calling for comments on what it should do regarding Naypyitaw’s 18 August invitation


Shan State Army (SSA) North issues statement calling for comments on what it should do regarding Naypyitaw’s 18 August invitation for peace talks. It had already gone there to call for withdrawal of Burmese troops to pre-13 March offensive period with no success. Its sister group SSA South, on 19 November, agreed to sign a ceasefire pact with the new government. (SHAN)


Mongla, headquarters of the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) on the Sino-Burma border, holds Shan New Year festival, 21-27 November. Several allied armed organizations are expected to join the festivities. The Shan New Year, 1st Waxing Day of the 1st Lunar Month, falls on 26 November.(SHAN)

Mon National Democratic Front leadership reshuffled

November 23rd, 2011

Min Thu-Ta, Mi Layi Htaw – The Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF) reshuffled its leadership to include former NMSP leaders at a meeting on November 20.

Mon National Democratic Front Chairman Nai Nwe Thein Mon National Democratic Front Chairman Nai Nwe Thein

At the meeting held in Moulmein, the party’s leadership was reformed to have 54 central executive committee members, up from the previous 21, and all 54 central committee members were elected, newly elected MNDF Vice President Nai Tin Aung told the Independent Mon News Agency.

“Most of our party members, including me, who had retired during the period of ceasefire, participated,” he added.

Besides five former NMSP members, many central committee members are included in the newly reformed central executive committee of MNDF.

Nai Tin Aung mentioned, “We support the decision of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) to re-register as a political party. However, we have to get the consensus opinion of our MNDF and the other ethnic parties in the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA). After that, we will decide whether to re-register our party or not.” Continue reading “Mon National Democratic Front leadership reshuffled”

New Mon State Party will enter peace dialogue only according to UNFC policies

November 23rd, 2011

Min Thu-Ta – The New Mon State Party (NMSP) has replied to peace representatives from the Mon State government that the party will only enter into dialogue

New Mon State Party Chairman Nai Htaw MonNew Mon State Party Chairman Nai Htaw Mon

with the Burmese government as a member of the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), according to Nai Htaw Mon, President of NMSP.

Nai Htaw Mon said, “NMSP must make its stance according to the policies of the UNFC. These policies are that the State Government will make a preliminary dialogue with UNFC, and then declare a nationwide ceasefire. After that, a political dialogue will be discussed.”

In the preliminary dialogue with representatives of the Mon State government on 6 October in Ye, NMSP already expressed that they would agree to a ceasefire and peace talks only according to UNFC policies.

Via the peace representatives, the Mon State government discussed with NMSP plans to develop a ceasefire agreement, to re-open a liaison office, to get agreement in advance if weapons were to be carried outside limited areas, and to continue a negotiation with the central government for local development. Continue reading “New Mon State Party will enter peace dialogue only according to UNFC policies”