virtual dusk to dawn curfew has been imposed in Namkham

14.november 2011

A virtual dusk to dawn curfew has been imposed in Namkham, following 3 bomb attacks since 7 November to 10 November, that killed one police officer and injuring 6 others (including 1 woman and 1 child). Townspeople say the Shan New Year as a result will be welcomed not at past midnight on 26 November but on 27 November morning. (SHAN)


Namkham, one of Shan State’s northernmost townships bordering China, has been under virtual curfew after a bomb explosion occurred near the police station last week, killing one police officer and injuring four, according to sources from the border.It was announced through loudspeakers by headmen of the villages and quarters that no one was allowed to be outside after 21:00 until 6:00 (local time). Otherwise authorities will not take responsibility for anyone caught outside after the curfew. It was reportedly enforced by high ranking officials from Naypyitaw. But there has been no information how long the curfew will last, said a local source.

Meanwhile, the township is one of the places where the Burma Army and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) fighting taking place. As a result, any civilian seen outside after the curfew is reportedly being recruited by the Burmese Army to give porter service, she said.

“The outcome is no one even the animals are seen hanging out on the street even though the time is not yet 9 p.m. The town is so quiet now. It is therefore a problem for traders and vendors who want customers,” she said.

Last Thursday on 10 November, a bomb explosion took place in front of the town’s police station, killing one police officer Zau Htu Khawng Zang and seriously wounding two police corporals and two civilians.

One female student caught taking photographs of the carnage was detained and later released after village authorities spoke for him, according to another source.

Since security in the town has tightened and everyone crossing and passing the police station is strictly checked and asked to show ID cards by Burma Army authorities, according to local sources.

Apart from townships in Shan State, many areas in Kachin State even the capital of the state Myitkyina faced similar situation. Latest report says a bom blast had taken place in Myitkyina downtown last night at around 20:00 killing at least four people   and wounding dozens. shanland news

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