KIA pushes back Burmese Army troops from Laiza headquarters


mhtehpyenKIA troops celebrated its 48th anniversary of Kachin Revolution Day in Laiza headquarters on Feb. 5, 2009.

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) troops pushed back Burmese Army soldiers from its Laiza headquarters on Thursday, seizing many arms and field artillery, said frontline sources.

Almost all government military columns in the N’tap Bum mountain range, about 8 miles southwest of Laiza headquarters in eastern Kachin State were pushed back to the mountainsides, said KIA officers from the headquarters.

According to KIA officers on the frontline, Burmese soldiers are fleeing from the strategic mountain range discarding their arms and artillery.

A KIA officer on the frontline told Kachin News Group, “We can push most Burmese troops out of the mountain range today. We seized weapons from the Burmese Army but small numbers of soldiers remain in the mountain range”.

A resident of Laiza said on Thursday afternoon, that people in the KIA headquarters relaxed from 24-hours monitoring when they heard that the Burmese troops in the strategic mountain range close to the headquarters had been pushed away from the mountain.
ntapbumKIA officers on the frontlines said they seized the largest number of weapons from government troops in the mountain range in the five-month war.

A resident of Laiza said he saw some mortar rounds and small arms in Laiza today morning, which were brought back to Laiza from the mountain by KIA troops.

About 1,000 Burmese troops arrived on the N’Tap Bum since mid-October in order to capture Laiza headquarters.

The Burmese Army has been using an unidentified chemical weapon (or poison gas) in their offensive against the Kachin troops. Dozens of Kachin soldiers became unconsciousness, were given to bouts of vomiting and weakness after they breathed in the poisonous gas when mortar rounds loaded with it were fired.

KIA officers in Laiza said government troops tried to control the military strategic mountain range thrice but failed every time.

If government troops control the mountain range, it may pave the way to capture Laiza, according to KIA officers. KNG news

UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize: Ms. Suu Kyi was chosen for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence in 2002

Nearly a decade after it was conferred, a prestigious United Nations award for promoting peace and tolerance has finally been presented to its winner, Myanmarese democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi.

Ms. Suu Kyi was chosen for the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence in 2002, but it is only now that the Myanmar government has allowed her to accept the award carrying a prize of $1,00,000.

On November 16the United Nations Day of Tolerance — UNESCO arranged a video conference with Ms. Suu Kyi for handing over a cheque for the amount, while announcing the awardees of the 2011 UNESCO- Madanjeet Singh Prize.

In a video message of congratulations on her acceptance of the prize amount in Yangon (Myanmar), Mr. Madanjeet Singh, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and founder of the prize, pointed to the initiative of the South Asia Foundation (SAF) in establishing a UNESCO Madanjeet Singh institute of excellence in the proposed Nalanda University, on the lines of the 12 institutions established in the eight SAARC countries. Continue reading “UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize: Ms. Suu Kyi was chosen for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence in 2002”

Thailand: Killing on the Mekong (continued)

16.November 2011

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Thai veteran security official told SHAN yesterday, according to intelligence reports, there were 17 Chinese crewmen on the 2 Chinese cargo ships when they started from China. 5 of them had taken refuge in the Wa-controlled territory following the killing of 13 others on 5 October, he said. The 9 officers, who were later arrested, had unwittingly acted on the reports, not knowing in advance about the killing. Mae Sai News in the meantime, quoting deputy police chief Phanuphong Singhara Na Ayuddhya, reported evidence on close circuit TV on the ships is conclusive that the soldiers in fact are the guilty party. (SHAN)