#THAILAND #PDRC #SUTHEB : have unanimously agreed to return all traffic junctions that we have shut down to Bangkokians – Silom/Asoke/ Ratchaprasong/Pathumwan

From Monday we will conduct a big cleaning of all rally sites. 

And we will be setting up a new demonstration site at Lumpini Park. Getting there is easy on the BTS or MRT. We will be open 24 hours a day, and will maintain this site in parallel with our shutting down of government offices and targeting Shinawatra business interests. 

We have decided on Lumpini park as our new location because it has meeting facilities allowing us to rally and hold national seminars on reform in earnest. We will open our new site this Sunday evening so we invite all of you to join our opening ceremony.


We have shut down Bangkok for a month and a half. We have succeeded in shutting down government functions serving the Thaksin regime. Let us applaud those agencies that have shut themselves down, especially public health personnel and medical professionals. Other government agencies have joined us on stage, even representatives from the Ministry of Commerce. And people from all over the country, from every province, have joined us here.

However, Yingluck and her government continue to disregard the sacrifices that all of you have made in this regard, including those of you from Bangkok who have been so generous. Bangkokians, we thank you for your continued kindness and patience, and your amazing adaptation to these changed conditions. “It is all for the better of the country,” you have said. On behalf of the PDRC and all bodies who support us, we thank all Bangkokians from the bottom of our hearts.

As a token of our appreciation, the PDRC leaders have unanimously agreed to return all traffic junctions that we have shut down to Bangkokians – Silom/Asoke/ Ratchaprasong/Pathumwan. This is not because CMPO or Chalerm is demanding us to do this, but because we care about Bangkok and would like to return it to its owners. 

From Monday on we will intensify our movement. We are entering what should be our final stage. I fervently hope that we can end this in March. I believe that from the 2nd and 3rd of March we will start to see a significant retreat from the Thaksin subordinates, and the 14th should see the start of the endgame.

Please don’t lose heart, my friends. We will march on towards the victory of the muanmahaprachachon, and towards a better, brighter future for our beloved nation! Thank you and good night!

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