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One of the most wanted Muslim insurgents in commanding level was arrested last night by a combined force of soldiers, police and rangers in Nong Chik district of Pattani.
He was identified as Hasan Sate.

He was taken from a hide-out at a house in Ban Don Yang of Nong Chik.
At first he claimed he was not Hasan Sate but his name is Manasseh.
He returned to the village to celebrate the Hari Raya festival.

But security authorities said he is one of the most wanted insurgent at commanding level and was wanted for several bomb and gun attacks inthe South and particularly at a army field base in Thepa district of Songkhla.

He joined another leader Seree Mamu in that attack, authorities.

Security officials have escorted him to the Forward Command of the Internal Security Operation Command for further questioning and for forensic test of explosive chemicals. thai pbs photo archive10463955_608857172561090_3167063279367316069_n

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