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Khunying Pornthip  said  : This case lack of reliability from people because there were no simulation and the police didn’t act right according to the forensic process. The forensic process needs 3 sections, 1st section is officers who responsible for questioning,and making report about the case, 2nd section is officers who collect witnesses and evidences,3rd section is the officers who examine witnesses and evidences. So this murder of 2 Britons on Koh Tao needed to have knowledge and used forensic experts only. Meanwhile the officers who came to check the crime scene needed to listen the information from the experts first and the experts would look for the cause of death, how they died because the crime scene might not be in only 1 place. Especially in this case didn’t manage the process instantly so might not had all the subjects matter. As same as the postmortem in this case, only gave DNA test report to the media but the fact need to have results of other examinations together whether blood,alcohol or drug in the dead bodies. And the investigation and probe of the police still used the same old way, that the officers who collected evidences and officers who proved the evidences are up on the enquiry officers only. And enquiry officers compiled all 3 sections together, this is completely a different thinking and method with the forensic. Maybe because the enquiry officer had seen that if they had enough witnesses and evidences then they could just write report and sent to attorney. But for me i think the law still needs to modify especially the case like this one that needs the forensic to lead the way or see to the part that was’t clear to make it clear before writing the report and send to the court.
So in this case, about the first section that i have to say is the enquiry officers needed to have knowledge, the weak point is maybe because they didn’t understand that this case needed to use forensic experts then they didn’t ask forensic experts from Surat Thani to come manage. Then the 2nd section is collected witnesses and evidences, in this case is a murder case that has 2 dead bodies, 100% that you must had forensic experts only.
Khunying Pornthip : The missing part of this case is the simulation, this is 1 of the steps of forensic method be cause they didn’t have this step that why it had became an issue in social media that put on a lot of observations in this case, be cause in this case only had re-enact. Besides i think, to collect to DNA, needed to do it the right way and follow the step, which will know the result in 24 hrs. In the murder cases and others, usually collect DNA from 2 parts both evidences and persons, furthermore to collect DNA samples from object evidences has to depend on damaged conditions with humidity,temperature, time, chemicals,radiation and disease. And about the evidences in this case that had found were DNA on the hoe, which is a weapon to kill the victims. If it was in sea then that couldn’t collect the DNA sample but if the hoe wasn’t in the sea then that possible to mistake collect the DNA sample. Besides the DNA test of Woraphan Tuwichian, the headman of Koh Tao couldn’t insist that his son ( the suspect ) is innocent only be cause it didn’t match with the evidences in the crime scene.
DNA at the hoe, if the hoe was in the water, the chance to appear is none but if you ask in the case that the hoe wasn’t in the water the examination that couldn’t find the result, what could cause that to happen is, it be cause the test wasn’t in the right position, to say it easy is, the examiners needed to see the dead bodies, if they had seen the bodies then they would know that it was a repeatedly beat more than 10 times, must had found the DNA 100% and if they had seen the wounds they would know the way of grip, like this or like this .., so if we can simulate this then we could collect in the right position. But if the collectors didn’t know this information the they might hadn’t collected it right then the DNA wasn’t appear that might cause a mistake.
However Khunying Pornthip  thinks, in this case that the enquiry officer are lucky that they could collect the right witnesses and evidences and sent the dead bodies for postmortem in Bangkok which is has more experts, but if look overall, this case may urge the change of crime investigation process, be cause the old system that occurred didn’t build the reliability for the people that this’s up to standard and transparency or not. Which is important that all need to fix, especially the forensic work needs to separate with police authority. Meanwhile Khunying Pornthip said if she has a chance to work with this case she won’t let this case remain with any doubts for sure.
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