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Despite formal letters of concern written both to prison head and DG of corrections department, MWRN were refused access to the accused.

Samui prison and Corrections dept. said no one other than lawyers, embassy officials or legal family (family is on way) can meet the accused
Qu. Justice 4 all Koh Tao case more likely if neither Thai, Myanmar, UK government interferes in independent judicial process + lawyers?

!!!!!! Koh Tao murder case official translator reveals all confidential information on channel 3 TV now-Appalled Ch3 decision to release this interview with alleged Rohingya Koh Tao case translator. Dangerous, unethical, ethnically insensitive.- Ch 3 presenter finished interview piece saying plain clothed police officer was monitoring interview! So police knew? consented? arranged? CR. ANDY




My lawyer warns Ch 3 behaviour undermining fair trial rights of accused in Koh Tao murder


Our team request all incl. translator NHRC relatives media to cease sharing Koh Tao accused confidential comments as can -ve impact defense

Both Koh Tao accused migrants have already now appointed personal Thai lawyers ทางผู้ต้องหาเกาะเต่าทั้งสองคนได้แต่งตั้งทนายส่วนตัวคนไทยแล้ว


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Khunying Pornthip  said  : This case lack of reliability from people because there were no simulation and the police didn’t act right according to the forensic process. The forensic process needs 3 sections, 1st section is officers who responsible for questioning,and making report about the case, 2nd section is officers who collect witnesses and evidences,3rd section is the officers who examine witnesses and evidences. So this murder of 2 Britons on Koh Tao needed to have knowledge and used forensic experts only. Meanwhile the officers who came to check the crime scene needed to listen the information from the experts first and the experts would look for the cause of death, how they died because the crime scene might not be in only 1 place. Especially in this case didn’t manage the process instantly so might not had all the subjects matter. As same as the postmortem in this case, only gave DNA test report to the media but the fact need to have results of other examinations together whether blood,alcohol or drug in the dead bodies. And the investigation and probe of the police still used the same old way, that the officers who collected evidences and officers who proved the evidences are up on the enquiry officers only. And enquiry officers compiled all 3 sections together, this is completely a different thinking and method with the forensic. Maybe because the enquiry officer had seen that if they had enough witnesses and evidences then they could just write report and sent to attorney. But for me i think the law still needs to modify especially the case like this one that needs the forensic to lead the way or see to the part that was’t clear to make it clear before writing the report and send to the court.
So in this case, about the first section that i have to say is the enquiry officers needed to have knowledge, the weak point is maybe because they didn’t understand that this case needed to use forensic experts then they didn’t ask forensic experts from Surat Thani to come manage. Then the 2nd section is collected witnesses and evidences, in this case is a murder case that has 2 dead bodies, 100% that you must had forensic experts only. Continue reading “#Khunying #Pornthip #KOH #TAO #forensic #work #needs to #separate #with #police #authority”

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04.25น. ตามเวลาท้องถิ่นมาเลเซีย เกิดเหตุระเบิดที่บูกิต บินตัง ในกรุงกัวลาลัมเปอร์ มาเลเซีย เบื้องต้นพบว่า เป็นการขว้างระเบิดมือ2ลูกจากชั้น 2ของอาคาร ระเบิดทำงาน 1 ลูก อีกลูก ด้าน ตกอยู่ใต้รถเก๋ง CAMRY มีผู้บาดเจ็บประมาณ 14 ราย เป็นคนไทย 1 ราย รถเสียหาย 4 คัน

cr. The Malaysian Insider


ล่าสุดมีผู้เสียชีวิตแล้ว 1 ราย ชื่อ นายเตียง กวาง ยี อายุ 36 ปี (13.00น.)

เบื้องต้นคาดว่าเป็นการทะเลาะวิวาทของแก๊งใต้ดิน cr.Nalinee Siriked

นายกฯบอกทราบเรื่องแล้ว รอมาเลเซียแถลงอย่างเป็นทางการ


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10471253_1542070106025366_7653329707015947564_nExpressing deep concern at this stage with the ongoing public announcements by individuals gaining access to the accused on guilty or innocent status of 2 Koh Tao murder case accused migrants. Voluntary and consensual confidential Thai lawyer and Myanmar accused client relationship now crucial to ensuring the accused can access a fair trial in this publicly debated case. In most normal cases (of which now this clearly is not), trained criminal lawyers would now surely be advising their clients to stay silent. Public suspicion will go on but lawyers need space to work. Guilt/innocence in Koh Tao case will crucially be decided eventually by the courts based on all facts and testimony presented to them and not by police, prosecutors or the general public. Capable and skilled lawyers must now crucially be given time and space to focus on confidential case defense preparation with the accused, having competent and reliable translation assistance at all times, if the accused are to be assured a fair trial. The accused must crucially be supported to make consensual and informed decisions about their lawyers, defence strategy and the nature of public statements made on their case as much as is possible.


I am confused. Who is taking care of them to participate in that legal process wisely??If they are not advised..Which legal team? Is it paid?..

Andy Hall : You ask the very important question Htwe Than, defending these guys properly is not about media statements but about skilled criminal Thai lawyers. This is Thai court system needing practicing skilled and independent thai lawyers


It’s important the 2 Koh Tao migrant murder suspects receive a fair trial, have access to independent/skilled defense lawyers and are provided with trusted and quality translators. This is important whatever they may have or may have not done.
Working with a multi-disciplinary team we will all seek to contribute to a process whereby justice is done and seen to be done in Koh Tao murder case by working to ensure the accused receive a fair trial.
Whilst we cant respond all emails and offers of assistance, if you or your colleagues think you can assist us to achieve our goals in ensuring justice is done and seen to be done in this case, please do contact my gmail account username andyjhall1979