#Crackdown to be #launched #against #illegal #migrant #workers on #Koh #Tao

The military and the police will launch a crackdown on illegal foreign migrant workers on Koh Tao after it was discovered that business operators on the island deliberately refused to give the accurate information about the number of foreign migrant workers they have employed.
The imminent crackdown follows the arrest of two Myanmar migrant workers suspected of involvement in the murder of two British backpackers on Koh Tao in mid-September.

Maj-Gen Thinachat Chinda-ngern, commander of Surat Thani provincial military command, said today that the military had conducted an investigation about the number of foreign migrant workers on Koh Tao and found out that there were about 7,000 of them but business operators reported only about 4,000.

“What about the other 3,000 and where have they gone?” he asked.

The officer also blamed business operators of being incooperative with the authorities about disclosing the real figure of foreign migrant workers they have hired. For that matter, he said that legal actions would be taken against the business operators for allegedly providing shelter to illegal workers in case they did not tell the truths about the illegal workers.

As for the illegal foreign migrant workers mostly Burmese, the officer said that a crackdown would be launched against them. thai pbs