#MYANMAR #BURMA : #Kaman #Muslims #oppose #Rohingya #replacing #Bengali titles

Now a Muslim political party of Burma has come out with their reservation towards the word Rohingya replacing Bengali titles in the forthcoming national census.

Kaman (Muslim) National Development Party (KNDP) has made their stand clear regarding the term (Rohingya) through a statement issued to the media on  March 18 last.

U Thein Pe, a central committee member of the party disclosed that his party opposes the name of Rohingya to be used in the census as it (Rohingya) is not included in the list of ethnic nationalities of Burma.

The southeast Asian country recognizes 135 ethnic nationalities as its indigenous residents. Kaman Muslim is also a recognized ethnic nationality of Burma.
“It would be unfair and injustice if the name of Rohingya is used in the census. Because Rohingya is not recognized as a community or nationality in our country,” asserted U Thein Pe.

The KNDP statement added that there is no mention about the term of Rohingya in the Arakanese history. The Burma President  U Thein Sein has already declared that the Rohingya is not included in the list of 135 ethnic nationalities of the country.


There is a wild rumor across Arakan that the authority has created a code number 914 advocating the title Rohingya instead of Bengali names in the census.

The Arakanese ethnic nationalities have already opposed the term (Rohingya) for using it instead of Bengali titles in the census and they had also demonstrated their angers through various rallies on March 16, 2014.

Some senior Arakanese leaders have recently sent a letter to the census department urging its good office to avoid the Rohingya name in the nationwide census.


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