Burmese migrant worker killed by water propeller in Shrimp farm

A Burmese migrant worker was killed feeding shrimp at a shrimp farm close to the market in Nanyoum town, southern Thailand.

The man was feeding shrimp in a pond when his clothes were caught in a propeller which dragged him underwater. He was retrieved from the water and taken to hospital but later died. The incident took place at around 11pm on 22nd May.

Pashu (or Moe), 25, was from Shwe Pyi Thar, Kawtaung city, Tanintharyi Division, Burma and left behind a wife of 20 and an 8 month old daughter.

Ma Khin San, a worker on the shrimp farm told how her husband had also gone to feed shrimp in a pond close by and saw the boat adrift but no sign of Pashu. He saw clothes floating in the water and raised the alarm.

Sources have said that the family was offered no compensation following the tragedy. The funeral was held on Sunday.

Pashu was one of five migrant workers employed to work on the shrimp farm, including his wife Mi Lay, Ma Khin San, her husband and an elderly worker.


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