Arms trafficking continues to enter Myanmar across Indian and Thai border areas

CREDIT EMG 23.08.2013

Illegal arms trafficking continues to enter Myanmar across Indian and Thai border areas, according to police officials.

Police Brig-General Soe Myaing, in charge of transnational crime investigations, said on August 22 that such illegal trade is going to armed groups. Some come all the way from Cambodia.

“Some neighbouring countries are selling the weapons illegally to armed groups. We also know that weapons from the war in Cambodia are being illegally imported to Myanmar. That’s why our respective regional police forces are now checking those illegally trade of arms,” said Soe Myang.

The majority routes for arms trafficking come across the India–Myanmar and Thailand-Myanmar border areas. The police forces are now taking action using the Weapon Act to check for arms trafficking.

“We opened two police stations in Matupi Township in Mindat District close to the India border area. We are now investigating illegal trade including drug, arms and immigrants. We have seized drug controlled chemical medicines in last year,” said Myo Aung from Mindat District Police in Chin State.


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