Htee Moo Brig6 Batt.201-Note to Karen around the world June 2010

As far as I know “Burma Democratic Concern” director Myo Thein-and Free Burma Project Border  are the first Grassroote Organisations they went into liberated Area to pass on Medicine and food to KNU and Alliance.

Here the note from Htee Moo Brig 6 Battallion 201

english translation by Free Burma Project Border

1.We are  a resistance group of freedomfighters,who resists military Junta -unjust ruled and we like to change into justice goverment.

2.For our movement we need many things to go ahead for many places.

3.We have few supports from ourleaders KNU, but also we need to find ourselve for other support.

4. We have to find ourselves,as we are KNU soldiers because we necessary many things.

5. Now our KNU leaders are facing many difficulties to support us.

6.If we don,t continuely work for freedom fighter group  many Human being problems we will facing till next generation.

7. So that, now we all Karen Karen People,we work like this because it is our duty to be sacrified.

8. Our leader Saw Ba U Ky said we shall decide our own political destiny.

Warm greetings to all Karen People around the world

Htee Moo Brig-6 Ma 201.officer of battalion office- liberated area

B.N.201 things needed urgent:

1.Solar ..collectable 6
2. Rechargable Dry Cell 120
3. Walky Talky ICOM-IC-V8
4.T shirts Aug.12.
We adopt  Brig 6 batt.201 and you can now donate to this account and we will pass the money to them.

For security reason we cannot post public this account,but you can be shure all donated money will go to the freedomfighters.

we need your support to keep things going on  ,For further deatails send mail to

Retired NMSP leaders may form party to join 2010 election

Recently retired members of the New Mon State Party (NMSP) appear to be poised to from a second Mon political party to participate in the coming 2010 election.

The three ex-NMSP members, Central Executive Committee (CEC) member Nai Chan Toi, Central Committee (CC) member Nai Tin Hla, and CC member Nai Htaw Auein, filed to retire from the NMSP party after the party refuse the final offer of the Burmese State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) to reform its armed wing as a border guard force.

The members were officially recognized by the NMSP as retired during the 2ndweek of May.

But the ex senior officials actions since retirement have led some members within their old party, and outside, to suspect the three of preparing to form another political party prior to the 2010 election.

“Now [these] leaders have retired and some [regular] NMSP members, and they have assembled at the NMSP office [Moulmein NMSP office], but did not have permission from the NMSP,” said a current CC member of the NMSP. “The NMSP shut down their office after they reject the border guard force [proposal].”

The NMSP shut their liaison offices in Rangoon, Moulmein, Thanphyuzayart, Ye, Three Pagoda Pass, and Myawaddy after they reject the border guard force on April 22nd, out of fear of an imminent break down in the long standing ceasefire the NMSP has held with the SPDC. The NMSP has maintained a ceasefire with the SPDC since 1995 at which time the NMSP was allowed to open offices in these cities.

According to a Mon political observer, “[The] three NMSP leaders retiring [and] reopening the NMSP office – they will [likely] continue this business and they’re trying to form a [political] party to join in the election.”

A current member of the NMSP, who is with Nai Chan Toi at the shuttered NMSP office in Moulmein, told IMNA briefly that, “He [Nai Chan Toi] has arrived in the Moulmein office now, but I do not know anything,” and refuse to answer further questions when asked for details.

IMNA has also learned that the retired NMSP officials have also traveled to other closed offices, with Nai Htaw Aeuin reopening the NMSP office in Thanphyuzayart, and Nai Chan Toi reopening the office in Ye.

While the retired members have refused to comment about the suggestion of their potential effort to form a new party, a Thanphyuzayart based monk described an instance in which, “Nai Htaw Aeuin said the NMSP had allowed them to join the election”, at a gathering of monks organized by Nai Htaw Aeuin who hoped to win their support for the election.

One current senior ranking member of the NMSP, on the condition of anonymity, commented that, while the deadline for registering a political party passed on May 6th, he believes this possible new group would be given special circumstances under which to form as the government wants to show that NMSP members will participate in the election.

One political observer based along the Thai Burma border commented that a special condition could conceivably be struck, as Lt. Gen Ye Myint has made plans to visit in Moulmein this month with the Southeast Commander Maj. Gen Thet Nai Win.

According to NMSP members it is widely known in the party that the Maj. General has friendly relations with the ex-CEC member Nai Chan Toi, from their period of having attended Mouliment University together. In pervious years every time a meeting was called with the SEC Maj. General Thet Nai Win, Nai Chan Toi attended and acted as the primary liaison.

The All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMRDP) is currently the only other Mon political party prepared to participate in the 2010 election, after submitting their party information for approval by the Myanmar Union Election Commission and opening their office head quarters in Moulmein, the capitol of Mon State, in early May.

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Nuclear defector’s hometown swarmed with junta agents

Many official looking strangers have been turning up in Shan State North’s Kyaukme Township, hometown of Burma Army missile expert Maj Sai Thein Win, the latest exposer of the Burma ruling military junta’s nuclear ambitions recently, according to local sources.

Several officers were deployed to the town as soon as the news of the junta’s nuclear program was disclosed and released by the exile media and international media last week. The town and the house of Sai Thein Win have been under watch by the security since, said a local resident who wishes to remain in anonymous.

Maj Sai Thein Win during his first year at DSTA, 1993 photo: S.H.A.N.

No one was reported to have been arrested up to date. But all the family members of Sai Thein Win were summoned by the officers for interrogation, a source told SHAN.

“They did not ask much. They just asked his mom whether or not he [Sai Thein Win] was still in contact with the family,” he said.

Sai is the youngest of 4 siblings. “He was a brilliant student,” a friend remembers.

Sai finished his high school in 1993 with distinction in two subjects. He then continued his studies at the Defense Service Technical Academy (DSTA). He served in the army for 15 years. He was promoted to the rank of major and was a deputy commander of a military factory at Myaing which was built to support the nuclear regiment near Thabeikkyin, where, he claims, the regime is trying to build a nuclear weapon.  He had specialized in rocket engines after five years of study in Russia.

“The news of Sai Thein Win and the nuclear weapons were so popular among the public now. Everyone talks about him and admires him. But some people are also shocked to learn about the military’s nuclear projects,” said another source.

Among the security officers who visited Kyaukme, one was also reported to have said that he also admired Sai’s courage and his “well done exposeဲ.”

A Burma watcher in Thailand commented that it was obvious that even the junta’s own army officers were not satisfied with the situation as the country’s income is spent mostly for the nuclear project than other welfare projects such as public healthcare and education.

According to London based the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ report released in 2007 Burma spent 0.4 percent of its national budget on healthcare and 0.5 percent on education while almost 30 percent was spent on military.

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