„Ethical Traveler“-Campaign Against Government-Sanctioned Human Trafficking in Malaysia

Dear Friends,

World Refugee Day is June 20. You can help people who have fled for
their lives from Burma and are now being tragically abused in
Malaysia, some even living lives as modern day slaves. All we need is
your signature. Please read on.

Burmese refugees who have fled for their lives to Malaysia because of
religious and ethnic persecution in their homeland have not been
recognized as Persons of Concern by the Malaysian government. Instead,
they are “illegals”. Their basic human rights are imperiled. They are
denied the right to seek livelihood, access health care, receive
education or seek safe and appropriate shelter. Women, men and
children-including those who may be elderly, disabled, pregnant or
sick-are arrested, abused, detained, tortured, sentenced and
criminalized. In many instances, the refugees have been sold to human

This institutionalized, government-supported trafficking is a form of
modern-day slavery, and cannot be tolerated.

Please simply add your name to a letter that has already been prepared
by Ethical Traveler in partnership with Tenaganita to the Malaysian
Ministry of Home Affairs stating your concern for the refugees of
Burma. Let them know they will be losing tourist DOLLARS if the
situation continues and urge them to sign the 1951 UN Geneva
Convention, which will protect the fundamental rights of refugees. The
letters will be printed and sent via snail mail for greatest impact.
If we can send letters by the thousands we will demonstrate that ours
is a voice to contend with!

To read about the issue and sign your name to the letter, go to:


Tim Aye Hardy
Director of Outreach | 2009 Carl Wilkens Fellow
Burma Global Action Network (www.Burma-Network.com)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BGAN | Facebook:

“The worth of the individual human being is the most unique and
precious of all our assets and must be the beginning and end of all
our efforts. Governments, systems, ideologies and institutions come
and go, but humanity remains.”
– U Thant, UN Secretary-General (1961-1971)

Wa elder: Wa Democratic Party doesn’t represent Wa people

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