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December 5, 2014


5 DECEMBER 2014 BUKIT MERTAJAM: Police discovered a “slaughterhouse” at Cherok Tokun, where Myanmar nationals were believed to have been killed and dismembered.

Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi said two Myanmar nationals aged between 30 and 40 were detained at the homes in a village last night.

“These men have been renting two units at a village here for the past four months.

“They have carried out the butchering at one unit, and lived in another unit six doors away,” he said when met at the scene today.

Police say that these were revenge killings and was among Myanmar nationals.

On Nov 24, a package containing a human head was in front of a restaurant at Taman Impian Ria, Bukit Mertajam.

On Thursday, residents found a headless torso and a hand inside a gunny sack in a canal at Sungai Bakap.

On Monday, a human head and left arm were found in a plastic bag near a garbage bin at Machang Bubok, near here.

So far, police have detained over 15 Myanmar nationals facilitate investigations into the heinous killings of their countrymen.

The spate of killings and the gruesome find of bodies in many different places of Penang have raised concerns of possible communal clashes between Myanmar nationals.

Police, however, denied there were communal clashes in the community but were merely revenge killings over debt, jealousy and other social issues.

GEORGE TOWN: Police have concluded that the savage killings of 23 Myanmar nationals, males aged between 20 and 40, in Penang recently were linked to ethnic tensions between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar.

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