#MYANMAR #BURMA #Kyaukmae #Prisoners #break the #prison and #killed by #jailor

26 July 2014, prisoners in Kyaukmae township prison (Kyaukmae is in a North Shan State) broke the prison at 6:00pm and tried to run away.

Prisoners pushed and hit the jailors when they came to give the prisoners blanket. At that time, the jailors on duty were First lieutenant Tun Khain Soe, Sergeant Khin Hla Hte and Corporal Noun Noun all of them were hit by the prisoners. Then the prisoners broke the prison and to run away.

After the prisoners hit the jailors and ran, the jailers shoot them. Two of the prisoners died on the spot and the other one was seriously injured. Now 5 jailors and 1 prisoner were being cured at Kyaukmae hospital.

In the case, the prisoners broke the prison, the police officers were punished because they used the guns that have not been permitted to use at the prison such as M-22 and AK-33.


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