All Burma Federation of Student Unions statement on the Lengthy Sentences of Democratic Activists Inside Burma

The Statement on the Lengthy Sentences of Democratic Activists Inside Burma

Date: December 10, 2008

1. The world and peoples throughout Burma have seen clearly that the SPDC, the military regime, had violently cracked down on the peaceful demonstrators in August and September of 2007 which came about in response to a rapid increase in fuel prices. People including activists, students and reporters, assisting victims of cyclone Nargis, were also arrested in 2008. SPDC has sentenced students, monks and other people arrested in connection with the protests to unreasonably lengthy prison terms at the end of 2008; sentences that are in fact longer than an average human life-span in Burma.

2. While the people of Burma and the international community are working intensively toward the establishment of a democratic society in Burma, the SPDC has unleashed a variety of tactics that continue to threaten the internationally recognized democratic norms and has embarked upon a campaign of oppression against democracy.

3. It is apparent that the SPDC has implemented their anti-democracy mission as follows:

(a) Absolute elimination of opposition voices by killing people involved in the street demonstrations.

(b) Sentencing of the remaining democratic political activists and aid volunteers of Cyclone Nargis with heavy punishments meted out by one-sided jurisdiction in the kangaroo law courts.

(c) Continuing oppression within the prisons with actions that include the transfer of democratic activists to very remote prisons and labor concentration camps lacking even the most fundamental health care.

4. These actions demonstrate their opposition to the democratic principles which demand the release all the political prisoners and establishment of political talks to build a modernized democratic state. The disregard for the international opinion by military dictatorship has clearly been revealed through the brutal manner of its actions.

5. Moreover, the heavy handed suppression of the pro-democracy activists, are meant serve as an example that threatens all public lives and to create a climate of fear for the upcoming 2010 election which they believe will establish the legitimacy of the military dictatorship.

6. Therefore, All Burma Federation of Student Unions (Foreign Affairs Committee) has strongly condemned the lengthy sentences and harsh repression upon the monks, students, people and the democratic forces who have been working against the atrocities of the government to prolong their military dictatorship and to oppose democracy.

7. The unfair offensive of the SPDC upon activists trying to promote national reconciliation in Burma will not solve the nation’s current problems and conflicts. In fact they contribute to them.

We of the, All Burma Federation of Student Unions (FAC), have declared that we will cooperate with the public at large and will quicken our activities in several fronts in our struggle against the actions of the government to prolong their military dictatorship and to oppose democracy.

Foreign Affairs Committee

All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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