NARGIS’ IMPACT Corrupt clerk yet to be punished

New Delhi (Mizzima) – A local township clerk, caught selling relief materials donated for victims of Cyclone Nargis in Irrawaddy division has been removed from office but sources said no action has been taken against him so far.

Kyaw Soe, a clerk of the Pyapon Township Peace and Development Council in Irrawaddy division, was reportedly caught selling about 1000 rice bags of aid donated by the Saudi Arabian government in Rangoon earlier in November. continue
7 month after Nargis

Burma needs Rambos

Ref: International politics on Burma at its zenith? (Mizzima online, December 8, 2008).

As the year is about to end and the junta’s plan for its proposed election draws ever nearer, many democracy and human rights activists around the world are getting frustrated with the lack of progress towards a peaceful resolution to the political deadlock in Burma. Burmese activists inside the country have been sidelined through the unjustified lengthy sentencing of prison terms, while activists outside the country are in no better situation, as they are unable to produce any tangible result from their diplomatic and political initiatives because of the lack of strategic and logistic support from “friends of the Burmese people” – such as the uneasy alliance formed under the guidance of the United Nations Secretary General continue

zin linn- The UN must not admit defeat under the military dictators of Burma

Thet Zin and Sein Win Maung, respectively, Editor and Manager of the privately-owned Myanmar Nation Journal, were sentenced by a summary court on 28 November in Rangoon under the Printers and Publishers Registration Act for being in possession of dissenting documents, including a UN Special Rapporteur’s Human Rights report on Burma.

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KNU victory news

On 2008, November 11, Battalion 8 under the command of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 3 attacked an army column under the command of SPDC MOC 21 on Saw-mi-lu road in Nyaunglaybin District Mone Township, killing one enemy soldier. continue
The current situation
Over fifty years of civil war have left Burma one of the poorest countries in the world. The military dictatorship attacks its own people, killing thousands, and leaving millions displaced.

increase in child trafficking on the Sino-Burma border in the past year under the Burmese military regime

The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) has documented 18 cases this year where boys and girls under the age of 18 were trafficked.

“These are just the cases that come to our office and it’s only from one border that we could reach. But there might have been many such cases in other places too,” said Ms. Gum Hkawng, anti-trafficking programme coordinator of the KWAT.
A recent KWAT report “Eastward Bound” revealed that about two-thirds of the women and children from Kachin State and about one-third from northern Shan State were trafficked to China. About 25 per cent of trafficked women were under 18 while most girls were as young as 14. continue
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Biggest Burma Dirty List Ever Published – 30 Companies Exposed

11.12. < 30 new companies have been added to the “Dirty List” published today by the Burma Campaign UK. A total of 170 companies feature on the new list. The ‘Dirty List’ exposes companies that are directly or indirectly helping to finance Burma’s brutal military dictatorship.

“This list proves that the current sanctions are not working. More companies than ever are investing in Burma in the oil, gas and dams sectors. New targeted sanctions against the regime must now be implemented if the international community is serious about cutting the regime’s financial lifeline” said Johnny Chatterton, Campaigns Officer at the Burma Campaign UK. “To those that claim investment aids the people of Burma, the evidence shows the opposite is true. As investment has increased, the human rights situation has deteriorated.” watch the list there
The new companies added to the list are the result of new information and an influx of new investment in Burma’s gas and hydroelectricity sector.
– 34 companies on the list are in the oil & gas sector.
– 28 companies on the the list are in the hydroelectricity sector
– 57 companies on the list are in the tourism sector – either operating tours to Burma or promoting tourism through guides.

we need your voice -Justice is OUTLAW in Burma

“While International Community is calling for the release of all political prisoners, military regime defied it by sentencing political dissidents to prison. It shows that Burmese military government will not listen to International Community so long as they are appealing them”, said Myo Thein, Director from Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) in United Kingdom.
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as you read today,the Junta Myanmar’s military government is working on pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s appeal against her detention but has rejected her lawyer’s request to meet her, her party said Friday.
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