New command moves to Thai-Kayah border

Mongpan-based Military Operations Command #17 with light infantry battalions (LIDs) have arrived at the mountain range overlooking Maehongson, according to sources on the border.

14 December 2008

The 5 battalions include:
LID 295 Wan Htam, Mongpan (supplanting IB 426 at Sop Pai)
LID 520 Mongpan
LID 525 Langkherh (supplanting LIB 336 at Daw Mu Ma)
LID 574 Kengtawng, Mongnai
LID 578 Langkherh

According to another source, three of the said battalions are still on their way from Shadaw, northwest of Maehongson.

MOC #17 is under the command of Brig Gen Tun Maung Win, said a Thai security officer quoting the anti-Rangoon Karenni Army (KA) chief of staff Bee Htoo.

The KA is based at Doi Yamu, the mountain range southwest of Maehongson. Several failed attempts were made in 2005 and 2006 to seize it. More than 1,000 shells had fallen inside the Thai soil, reported The Manager Online on 12 December.

Weekly Diary, No. 331 (6 – 12 December 2008)

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