KACHIN WAR: Around the Hka Ya Bum

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) spokesman said the hillside outpost at Hka Ya Bum, near the guerrilla group’s headquarters in the town of Laiza, was overrun Saturday afternoon.

Forces from the KIO’s armed-wing the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) had to be withdrawn from Hka Ya Bum at noon on Saturday after government troops fired what are believed to be a series of cluster bombs at the post, according to a Laiza based major from the group.

The munitions were fired by Burma army units stationed at Gangdau Yang.  This appears to be the first time that the Burma army has used cluster bombs since the Kachin conflict began in June 2011, the major said.321456_417216491691889_1296311820_n550155_417217265025145_275839717_n542537_417217395025132_1723549500_n601313_417218411691697_1381610573_n734725_417217545025117_1039731753_n

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