Are you in EGYPT? Do you want to exercise your right to FREEDOM OF SPPECH? BYPASS GOVERNMENT BLOCKING THROUGH THESE LINKS. If you know anyone in Egypt, pass this on to them:

To bypass government blocking of website names, use numerical IP addresses:
For Twitter: “”
For Facebook: “”
For Google: “”

Do share this to as many people as possible. For Egyptian Freedom!

Blackout for Hungary

On the 21st of December the party holding the majority of the Hungarian parliament voted in favor of a new media law that is a collection of some of the most oppressive and undemocratic laws from all over Europe including some worrying additions.

To show our concern for fundamental rights and free speech we black out our online presence on the 5th January 2011 for at least 24 hours.

Seven suspected “activists” in their 20s and 30s have been arrested in central Rangoon amid a security crackdown following blasts during New Year celebrations

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Seven suspected “activists” in their 20s and 30s have been arrested in central Rangoon amid a security crackdown following blasts during New Year celebrations. Another youth evaded arrest, police and neighbours said.

About 60 armed police raided the home of the youths at No. 29, Ground Floor, 1st Street, Northern Kunchan Block 4, Kamayut near Hledan junction just after midnight on Saturaday morning. They seized three mobile phones and sealed the room.

Officers at divisional and township police stations confirmed the arrests. They called it a political case but declined to give details as their superiors were handling the matter and that they lacked the authority to release information.

“Some guys were half-naked, just wearing shorts because they [apparently] were asleep” a neighbour told Mizzima.

Sources who requested anonymity for safety reasons told Mizzima the detainees were Bo Bo Thein, Thaung Htike Oo, Tin Tun, Soe Moe Kyaw, Saw Yin Shin, Thaw Zin, Aung Aung. Police continue to search for at least one of the youths, known as Kyaw Maung Oo.

Neighbours close to local authorities said police were monitoring the young men for at least a week prior to the raid.

“They were living here by sharing room rent. I have never heard of their indecent activity or wild behaviour,” a neighbour told Mizzima.

Since three serial blasts in Burma’s commercial capital went off at a pavilion built for Buddhist New Year water-festival celebrations, police investigations and arrest reports are increasing amid a security crackdown gripping the country. Journalist Maung Zeya and his son Sithu Zeya were detained on April 17 for taking pictures at the scene of the explosions on April 15.

A military engineer from the team investigating the blasts told Mizzima three hand grenades thrown into crowds at the pavilion were behind the blasts that killed 10 people, the majority of whom were security personnel from the army and the Home Ministry. About 170 people were injured.

In Haiti, Chinese Team Dug Up Its Own and Left,

UNITED NATIONS, January 27 — UN peacekeepers have been firing tear gas and, according to eye witnesses, rubber bullets at Haitian aid seekers. Meanwhile, the UN confirmed on Wednesday that the Chinese search and rescue team which appeared so quickly in Haiti left just as quickly, as soon as it recovered the bodies of its own national who had been visiting the UN Mission, MINUSTAH.

Inner City Press asked MINUSTAH’s David Wimhurst about the use of rubber bullets and tear gas, which Wimhurst previously said he had not witnessed in Cite Soleil on January 24.

Wednesday, Wimhurst counted the Cite Soleil “incident” as one of two uses of tear gas. He said the use by the UN is under “strict rules and regulations” that are “well established.” Video here, from Minute 32:31.

Wimhurst said he is “not aware of rubber bullets” being used, despite numerous eye witness accounts of both Uruguayan and Brazilian UN peacekeepers firing into the air. Inner City Press asked about similar reports of peacekeepers leaving behind food and in one case a pile of radios, which were then fought over. continue
BTW.Myanmar Junta had banned MEDIA News that US troops are in Haiti to support,instead the hail the Chinese ,so nothing to report anymore

U.S.: Clinton Criticises China over Internet Censorship

By Eli Clifton

WASHINGTON, Jan 22, 2010 (IPS) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a speech Thursday laying out the Barack Obama administration’s position on internet freedom, and publicly called on Chinese authorities to investigate the security breaches which preceded last week’s decision by Google to end its cooperation with Chinese internet censorship.

“Those who disrupt the free flow of information in our society or any other pose a threat to our economy, our government and our civil society,” said Clinton in remarks delivered at the Newseum, here in Washington DC.

On Jan. 12, Google announced that it would cease to censor its search engine results in China and, if an agreement could not be reached with the Chinese government over this decision, would shut down its offices in China.

Google’s decision to end their cooperation with the Chinese government was announced along with accusations that Chinese hackers had breached Google’s security and gained access to the email accounts of several diplomats, journalists and Chinese human rights activists.

The decision by Google to go public with the security breaches and refuse to continue with censorship of Google search engine results has called attention to Beijing’s efforts at censorship, as well as the rampant corporate espionage and intellectual property theft reportedly conducted by, or on behalf of, Chinese companies.

While the Chinese government has denied any involvement in the hacking of Google email accounts and claims to be committed to protecting intellectual property rights, many here believe that the Chinese government hasn’t made a serious effort to stamp out these violations.

Recent reports suggest that the Chinese government may be directly involved in the hacking attempts and theft of intellectual property.

According to an FBI report leaked by the Daily Beast last week, the Chinese government has developed 180,000 cyberspies that “poses the largest single threat to the United States for cyberterrorism and has the potential to destroy vital infrastructure, interrupt banking and commerce, and compromise sensitive military and defence databases.” Continue reading “U.S.: Clinton Criticises China over Internet Censorship”

The exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama will address the First European Tibetan Youth Parliament to be held in Zurich, Switzerland, from April 9-11 this year.

Dalai Lama to address first Tibetan Youth Parliament in Europe

The one-hour session with the Dalai Lama on the second day of the conference will be open for all European Tibetan Youth Parliamentarians. The Tibetan leader will address the conference and will respond to “five most popular questions” from the participants, the organisers have said.

“We feel very honoured that H.H. the Dalai Lama will attend the Saturday morning and has agreed to address the participants of the conference and to answer questions,” the organising committee said in a statement on its website.

Participants are asked to file questions and from them ten questions will be shortlisted and published on the website. The five questions will then be finalised by an online public poll.

The conference will witness Tibetans in Europe aged between 16 and 40 years discussing domestic and foreign policy issues and new methods for the Tibetan freedom movement. Continue reading “The exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama will address the First European Tibetan Youth Parliament to be held in Zurich, Switzerland, from April 9-11 this year.”