Minister of Union, U Khin Yi:Political exiles can request to attain Myanmar citizenship



Myanmar people, who are in different countries for various reasons, can apply to receive citizenship from the Ministry of Immigration and Population if they have the necessary proof, said a Chief official officer from the Ministry of Immigration, on the 5th February 2012 at a media meeting.

“The applicants can only request citizenship after they recant alliance from other countries. They have to send their request to a Myanmar embassy in a foreign country. We announce that Burmese people living in foreign countries can now accept Burmese citizenship” said Minister of Union, U Khin Yi.

People who want citizenship have to provide their personal information to the Myanmar Embassy in their respective countries. The embassy asks for written proof which will be checked.

If the applicant is Myanmar they can apply for citizenship and also if one’s parents are native to Myanmar citizenship applications will be considered. If the personal information provided is incomplete, applicants will be given a temporary ID card.

People who want to attain citizenship can apply to the Citizens Analysis Centre. Applicants with complete proof provided can become lawful citizens the Minister of Union said.

The opposition party analyst said they find it hard to believe the government will truly accept political exiles because they did not give amnesty to all currently imprisoned political prisoners.

Thousands of Myanmar people live abroad as refugees as well as citizens of other countries. Due to the 1988 uprising many people had to leave Myanmar to seek exile in other countries.

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