Thai Foreign Minister holds talks on border closure and migrant workers with Burma

Thai foreign minister at right corner (Photo-KIC)

The Thai Foreign Minister, Mr Surapong Tovichakchaikul, led a group of visited Burma, border town of Myawaddy to meet with Karen State Chief Minister U Zaw Min on 3rd February.

Speaking to the media the Mr Surapong said discussions at the Myawaddy meeting concentrated on
migrant workers, border trade, preventing important trade crossing from being closed and increasing goodwill between the two countries.

“We are visiting Myanmar (Burma) as goodwill, and also we would like to say ours thank to the Myanmar government for allowing the re-opening of the Friendship Bridge and the border for trade. I am also going to visit pagodas there.”

Mr Surapong visited Ban Huay Maha Wong Village in Mae Sot district, the site where Thailand built a concrete embankment that resulted in Burma closing the Mae Sot Myawaddy border crossing for 18 months, causing local traders to lose billions of baht in lost revenue. Continue reading “Thai Foreign Minister holds talks on border closure and migrant workers with Burma”

Talks stall as Burma refuses to meet KIO in China again


burma-kio-talk-ruiliOn January 18 and 19, the talk between Burma government and KIO delegations was held in Ruili, China’s southwest Yunnan province.

MAI JA YANG, Burma— According to sources in the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) the latest round of peace talks between Burma’s second strongest armed ethnic group and representatives of the Burmese government were delayed this week due to the Burmese delegation’s refusal to meet in China, site of two previous rounds of negotiations.

The two sides were expected to sit down again this week, less than three weeks after talks in January failed to reach any agreement other than to meet again.  According to an official based at the KIO’s Laiza headquarters the Burmese delegation’s latest demand that the upcoming talks be held on Burmese territory is something the KIO will not accept.

According to the official, the KIO counter proposed that talks be held at a neutral place inside Burma in an area located between government controlled territory and that of the KIO. The KIO’s proposal included allowing international media to attend, he told the Kachin News Group on Friday.  It is unclear when the Burmese delegation will respond to these suggestions, however the KIO leadership does believe that talks will happen soon, according to our source. Continue reading “Talks stall as Burma refuses to meet KIO in China again”


Dear All,
Burma Democratic Concern ( BDC ) would like to invite you all to participate in the memorial service for the students who had been killed in the ABSDF ( North , South ) Student Army . We will hold prayers for the innocent victims and remember the Burmese Students who died in this tragedy.
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Date : 12 Feb , 2012.
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Ko Khine Lin ( Campaign Officer of Burma Democratic Concern ) ( BDC )
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ဆက္သြယ္ရန္။ ။မ်ိဳးသိမ္း ( ဖုံး။၀၇၈၇၇၈၈၂၃၈၆ ) ( Director of Burma Democratic Concern ) ( BDC )
ဥမၼာဦး ( ဖုံး။၀၇၇၂၇၂၃၆၄၁၉ ) ( Secretary of Burma Democratic Concern ) ( BDC )
ထိန္လင္း ( ဖုံး။၀၇၈၃၈၅၈၉၇၁၄ ) ( International Co-ordinator Burma Democratic Concern ) ( BDC)
ခိုင္လင္း ( ဖုံး။ ၀၇၈၄၈၈၂၂၅၉၃ ) ( Campaign Officer Burma Democratic Concern)(BDC)

ၿမာက္ပိုင္းေဒသ မွ အရိုးတြန္သံမ်ား (အပိုင္း-၉-) ( ေအာင္မုိး၀င္း )-ABSDF NORTH CASE