Fire broke out at Winka village southeast of Three Pagoda Pass -mov

(Mizzima) – Fire broke out at Winka village southeast of Three Pagoda Pass on the Thai-Burmese border on Tuesday. Damage was estimated at US$ 2 million.

The fire broke out during the Winka village pagoda festival, and the area was crowded with visitors. Witnesses said shop owners did not have time to carry goods from their stores.

The fired destroyed a large number of homes and shops that cater to tourists and foreign visitors. The fire is believed to have started in an electrical short circuit.

Fire engines from Sangklaburi, about two kilometres from Winka village, responded. It took about four hours to extinguish the blaze.

During Winka village’s annual pagoda festival there are boxing matches, Mon and Burmese traditional dance shows, performing arts and Thai music shows. The village specializes in tourist and ethnic items.

The village has about 1,500 houses. The area is well known for Thailand’s longest wooden bridge, and a replica of India’s Bodh Gaya temple.


Fire at Sangkhlaburi Bodh Gaya Temple causes about 70 million Baht in damages

IMNA – The row of shops of Bodh Gaya Temple in Wan-Ka Village, Sangkhlaburi Township, near Three Pagodas Pass at the Thai-Burma border caught on fire at about 8 pm Tuesday and all the shops turned into ash within half an hour.

Thirty-six shops were damaged and the damage was estimated at 70 millions Thai Baht by local authorities at the emergency meeting held in the Wi-wai-karama Monastery of Wan-Ka Village, after the fire was put out.

Fire at Sangkhalaburi

Valuable textiles or clothes, ethnic costumes, handicrafts, silver and bronze wares related to Buddha images, many kinds of musical instruments, art materials made of timber, ironwood and gum-kino and other small furniture made by artisans in Burma were lost. Continue reading “Fire broke out at Winka village southeast of Three Pagoda Pass -mov”

Suu Kyi speaks to a crowd of 2000 guests in Singapore

Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize has expressed encouragement towardsMyanmar, her country surrounded by richness in resources to further the development and reforms in her country once she emerged as the winner this coming April 1st election. Part of her program is the implementation of a child living off a trust fund according to news reported from CNBC.

Suu Kyi speaks to Singaporian guestsPhoto from Kyodo

Burma is remarkably rich in natural resources and itseconomy is deemed a success. But as for human rights and protection they were all violated as this made Western countries enforced various sanctions upon this country.

During the conference summit of Young’s President Organization held in Singapore on Wednesday various questions were thrown at her to which she candidly answered. She even displayed her humour and being a person who is humbled by her growing experiences and position among a crowd of 2,000 guests. She described herself a worker not an icon and this simply demonstrate how humble she is.

Her topmost priority she’s working on if she comes out a winner is to make certain that the rule of law will be observed and that transparency in the government will be part of her program.

Those nations who are keen on investing any form of business in Burma could gladly take a look and check on the investment law which basically does not exist. Another important part of her reform is a call to end all ethnic differences and to amend the country’s constitution.

She strongly believes in the sincerity of President Thein Sein in implementing sets of new reforms and she’s certain to work with him for the betterment of her country. Her willingness to work with the present government is her goal.

Shan Nationalities Demoratic Party (SNDP)is lodging a complaint tomorrow against Manpang People’s Militia Force (PMF)

29.febr.2012 The Shan Nationalities Demoratic Party (SNDP) that is contesting the National Assembly seat in Shan State’s Constituency #3 says it is lodging a complaint tomorrow against Manpang People’s Militia Force (PMF) chief Bo Mon who has threatened villagers under his control to vote for the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) at the upcoming by-elections or face eviction. “The other option is to declare areas under his control as a black area where polling stations cannot be set up,” said an SNDP leading member. (SHAN)


28.february   MPs attending Shan State Assembly’s third session in Taunggyi say the 2011-12 financial report showed a 6,129 million kyat ($ 7.7 million) deficit. Its total revenue was K 2.227 million ($ 2,783.75).