#Leaflets #attacking #National #Council for #Peace and #Order

Leaflets attacking the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) were strewn in front of the Army Headquarters along the Ratchadamnern Nok road early Friday morning.
The leaflets were discovered by street sweepers of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration who worked early in the morning to clean the road.

The leaflets were picked up by the sweepers on the road from Yaek Jor Por Ror to the Makkasan Rangsan bridge.

The leaflet in A4 paper size carried different messages in large letter fonts attacking the military junta chief.

Security officials and the police are checking surveillance cameras around the areas to hunt down the people responsible.

Initially the police said ill-intentioned people in a running vehicle with unknown licence plate spread the leaflets on the road at about 5.00 a.m. today.

They are tracing the vehicle at other escape routes to bring the people for questionings.


The National Council for Peace and Order has allocated a total of 377 million baht fund for the promotion of reconciliation efforts in the budget of 2015 fiscal year.
The 377 million baht fund is split up among three ministries namely the Defence, Interior and Labour.

The lion’s share of the budget, a total of 296.3 million baht, will go to the Interior Ministry to promote democratic thinking and values, national unity and reconciliation among people in communities.

The Defence Ministry will get 54.6 million baht to be used to improve the livelihood of people in areas under the jurisdiction of the ministry.

The Labour Ministry will receive 26.4 million baht to help working people to understand their basic rights and duties in accordance with democratic rule.


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