15.8.2014   Three soldiers were wounded when Muslim insurgents detonated a motorcycle bomb with intent to kill soldiers traveling in a six-wheel truck loaded with five 200-litre tanks filled with gasoline.
The soldiers were returning to their base in Waeng district after receiving oil fuel supply from an oil depot in Tambon Kokkian of Muang district, Narathiwat province.

While the truck was passing a motorcycle parked by the roadside on the highway from Tak Bai to Narathiwat, a bomb hidden underneath the motorcycle pillion was detonated instantly.

Three soldiers on the front seat were wounded and the truck was damaged. Luckily the fuel tanks were not struck by bomb shrapnel.

Investigation revealed later that the motorcycle was stolen from its owner, Mrs Daeng Chankong, who was shot dead by Muslim militants in Tak Bai district.


police officers were killed and  seriously injured in a roadside bomb attack while the police were on a patrol to give protection to teachers in Kabang district of Yala province late Friday morning.
Killed was Pol Lance Corporal Saravuth Chuthanom, a special action force police attached to Kabang police station.  Pol Sub-Lt Montri Pumoradok, a duty suppression officer died later at the hospital.

Police said a team of police in four motorcycles were patrolling on Highway 4007 in Kabanglang subdistrict when a 5-kilo home made bomb was detonated at about 10.00 a.m. today.

The two officers on the front of the motorcycle convoy were directly hit by the bomb.

The injured officer was later sent to Prince of Songkhla university hospital in Hat Yai for treatment, while police reinforcement arrived at the scene to hunt down the insurgents believed still in the vicinity.



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