Thailand Flood: Sra Kaeo’s Department of Immigration Capture Fleeing Illegal Workers

Department of Immigration officials in Sra Kaeo Province assembled a team of police officers to detain fleeing Cambodian illegal workers escaping the country because of the flood crisis. 
27.october 2011
Police dispersed their units to surround the Ban Dan and Ban Mai Nong Sai District. They have captured at least 309 illegal workers with the help of local residents, who filed complaints about this matter. Locals were angry that the alien workers have drained water from their bogs and canals and chopped wood for the use of fuel, depleting the area’s resources.

There were also a large number of crooks hiding within the ranks of these illegal workers who rode bicycles and looted agricultural tools from the locals. A majority of these workers come from very poor families. One of the illegal aliens, a 33 year-old woman named Hon, has been doing labor work to support seven children aged between 2 to 10 years old. Hon was a flood evacuee as well.

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