Who Steal $300,000 from Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

We are very much concerned that even US $300,000 stolen from DVB can now only reveal and who knows how many more dollars were wasted without the public knowledge. Every organisations funded by the public money must have the credibility, accountability and transparency. I am surprised that only board of the management just now learnt the theft and I am also not happy that they are pointing the fingers on the inside DVB network. Because of which I could predict in advance that the results of the inquiry will be found nothing since Norway police will have difficulty to question WHO and HOW inside DVB’s network of Burma. Therefore, the story will be going no where since investigating DVB inside network is mission impossible!!!

Who steal $ 300, 000 from Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) ??? Waste of money. If these money had been used effectively then Burma could had been better condition now than before. What a shame!!!! This is SERIOUSLY a lot of money. Not even a penny shouldn’t be wasted.

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