Checkpoint Burma’s border with Thailand near Mongton township to reopen under Shan State government control

Plans for the reopening of a checkpoint on Burma’s border with Thailand near Mongton township in eastern Shan State will include the Shan State government assuming control and benefiting from the income of the checkpoint, according to sources on the border. The checkpoint was closed in 2002 when confrontations between Thai and Burmese government troops forced its closure for security purposes.


Sources indicate that an additional border checkpoint long controlled by Burmese government armed forces in Tachilek township, opposite Maesai in Thailand, will cede partial control to the Shan State government for the first time. Plans for new checkpoints on the border have coincided with increased communication between the two governments, with recently elected Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra visiting Naypyidaw this week for the first time in her tenure.


The Tachilek-Maesai border checkpoint has two bridges, with one side for visa and immigration controls and another for the import and export of goods. Shan State officials will assume control and enjoy the financial benefits of the immigration bridge for the checkpoint near downtown Tachilek, while the operation and benefit of the import and export checkpoint will remain under Burmese government operation. The Shan State government will assume complete control of the BP1 checkpoint near Mongton, opposite Chiangmai’s Chiangdao district, including the fees required of people and businesses crossing the border.

Thailand Prime Minister Shinawatra’s trip to Burma this week has increased speculation over the current state of Thai Burma relations and future possibilities in business. Thailand has long looked to Burma for the availability of valuable natural resources and cheap migrant labor.

An increase in border accessibility for both countries could prove mutually beneficial. According to the state run New Light of Myanmar newspaper, Yingluck’s discussions with various top Burmese officials Wednesday included Thai Burma border trade and the future for migrant workers from Burma currently in Thailand.

An October 6th article by the Mass Communications Organization of Thailand indicated that Ms Yingluck also requested the reopening of the main border checkpoint at the Mae Sot-Myawaddy River in Tak. The checkpoint has been closed, along with 20 others on the river.shan news

Chiangmai’s Shan Literary and Culture Society will be observing this year’s End of Lent (Awk Wa or Ork Phansa) at Wat Kutao

Chiangmai’s Shan Literary and Culture Society will be observing this year’s End of Lent (Awk Wa or Ork Phansa) at Wat Kutao, North of the Old City on Tuesday and Wednesday, 11-12 October. Several groups will be entering the contest for Nok (Kinnara-Kinaree Bird Dance) and Toe (Yak Dance) first prizes, according to the announcement which comes out today

Thailand:Shan inmates at Maehongson prison will be marking the Shan New Year 2016 on 25 November on has invited friends

Shan inmates at Maehongson prison who had since 2008 formed a literary and culture association announces it will be marking the Shan New Year 2016 on 25 November on has invited friends far and near to join it. There are more than 600 inmates at the prison, out of which more than 150 of them are Shans. 87 of them are attending Shan classes, a report received by SHAN claims. (SHAN)