Breaking News: Burmese Army resorts to chemical weapons warfare against Kachin rebels



Breaking News
In a war that is becoming increasing vengeful, there is concrete evidence for the first time that a belligerent Burmese Army is using an unidentified chemical weapon in the unabated offensive against Kachin rebels in Northern Burma, lamented victims.
For over a week, the unidentified chemical weapon has been in use in three war zones against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) on Myitkyina-Manmaw (Bhamo) Road in Waingmaw township— Christian Prayer Hill and Lung Zep Kawng in Ga Ra Yang village, and Shwe Nyaung Pyin village, said KIA soldiers, who were attacked by this poison gas.

On Saturday, October 29, Burmese Army troops operating under orders from the Burmese government fired two mortar rounds of chemical weapons on the People’s Army fighters under the KIA in Prayer Hill, said civilian fighters.

La Gun, a civilian fighter and a victim of the chemical weapons attack told Kachin News Group today that, “Two rounds of chemical weapons were fired at us in Prayer Hill. There were seven of us present. Dark smoke billowed from the areas where the mortar shells landed.”

“When I breathed in the dark smoke I felt extremely dizzy, found it hard to breath, thirsty and felt like vomiting for hours,” he added.

The same chemical weapon was used during the week-long fighting in Lung Zep Kawng last week, La Gun said.

The same day, the chemical weapon was launched by the Burmese Army in Ntap Bum battle zone, near the KIA headquarters Laiza and four KIA soldiers felt dizzy, lay on the ground and began vomiting for a long time, said eyewitnesses.

The former General, President Thein Sein is responsible for the orders by a civilian government flouting the Geneva Protocol which forbids use of chemical and biological weapons in both civil and foreign conflict————

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