The military regime is propagating a rumour that we-NLD may resort to violence

NLD to abide by principles of non-violence

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The National League for Democracy (NLD) will abide by the principles of non-violence even if the party ceases to exist in keeping with the Burmese junta’s harsh electoral laws, according to Win Tin a senior leader.

“We have decided not to re-register. So, the party may not exist and be forced to go underground. The military regime is propagating a rumour that we may resort to violence. But, we will abide by the principles of non-violence,” Win Tin said.

The NLD will forge ahead with its struggle for democracy peacefully under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi.

The junta’s electoral laws state the deadline to re-register is May 6. Without re-registration, the party will be automatically dissolved.

Ohn Kyaing, a member of NLD’s information committee, said, “even if the party is dissolved, NLD will not abandon the people and its struggle for democracy. We will be with the people.” He continued “Although we have decided not to re-register, we will fight to the best of our ability by non-violent means. NLD is where self-sacrificing politicians gather.”

“NLD will plunge headlong into social work such as service programmes for HIV patients, social services for Nargis victims among others,” Win Tin said. NLD will cooperate with all its political allies – experienced politicians, Committee Representing the People’s Parliament (CRPP), ethnic groups and diplomats. NLD will also maintain its contacts with the news media.

Should the NLD be dissolved, to manage the party’s properties, a managing committee was formed on April 5.

Tin Oo, who is presently vice-chair of the party, is the chairman of the committee with 17 members.

After the electoral laws were declared, the junta allowed opening of around 150 of 300 NLD offices in State and Divisions. Among them, the Mandalay office was closed again because the owner of the room was pressurized by the junta.

After the 2003 Depayin attack, NLD offices were closed but NLD members gathered in cafés and monasteries to carry on party activities.

The NLD was formed in the bloody aftermath of the 8888 uprising. In the 1990 parliamentary elections, the party won 392 out of 492 seats, but the junta did not transfer power.

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