Villager faced with Language problem

When Burmese troops enter into a village, they torture villagers, kill pets, and threaten villagers. Thirty-five of forty families resettled into other close neighbours’ villages, while some fled to the Thai-Burma border on March 18.

A villager from Swasipo village who was tortured by the Burmese Military said, “When they [Burmese troops] come to our village, they speak with us in Burmese, but we cannot speak the Burmese language, just our own language. They ask for something, but we give them other thing. Then they hit us and torture us.”

Whenever Burmese troops arrive, they threaten villagers with guns, force villagers to guide them to the front lines, and kill the villagers’ pets.

Occasionaly villagers have to support the military regime and feed the cease fire group. They have carried water and rice to the cease fire group [KNPLF], and have reported informations to the regimes.